Despite Retirement Attempt, Kotomitsuki and Otake are Expelled

The outside committee appointed by the Nihon Sumo Kyokai to investigate the gambling scandal and recommend penalties came out with guns, but they weren’t necessarily blazing.  They recommended that Otake-oyakata and Kotomitsuki be expelled from sumo (It was learned that Otake-oyakata lost in the neighborhood of 20-30 million yen betting on Japanese Baseball games, money he later borrowed from Kotomitsuki), that 15 rikishi be suspended from the Nagoya basho, and there was some talk about possible expulsion of Tokitsukaze-oyakata as well as the temporary suspension of Chairman Musashigawa, the board also recommended closing the Otake and Tokitsukaze stables.

This would mean that rikishi from 12 different stables will have to sit out in Nagoya.  Kotomitsuki, Toyonoshima, Miyabiyama, Goeido, Toyohibiki, Yoshikaze, Wakakoyu, and Okinoumi sit out this basho. (at least as far as Makuuchi is concerned.)  In Juryo Chiyohakuho, Dido, Kasuganishiki, Kiyoseumi, and Futeno would also have to go kyujo.  The outside panel has stated that the Nagoya basho will be allowed to continue as planned so long as the panel’s recommendations are followed.

Amidst the continuing controversy, it appears the NSK has decided to postpone the release of the Nagoya Banzuke until July 4th.  This is the first time this has happened since World War II.

The Sadogatake stable has confirmed that Ozeki Kotomitsuki has submitted his retirement papers to the NSK. but that they have not yet been processed.  Otake-oyakata also filed his retirement papers.  If their retirements were to be confirmed the NSK would have to pay them hundreds of thousands of dollars (US) in retirement benefits.  It appears that the ozeki and the stablemaster, will be booted from sumo, which would cost the ailing NSK next to nothing.

It’s not yet clear whether this will be enough to placate sumo’s sponsors, and NHK (who has threatened to cancel its broadcast of the basho unless the NSK takes steps they think appropriate.)

In other news, it has been revealed that current Kokonoe stable oyakata Sanoyama (former Chiyotaikai) had visited onomatsu stable on behalf of Kotomitsuki to convince a wrestler in the stable to pay 5million yen ($50,000US) in illegal gambling winnings to the embroiled ozeki.  Onomatsu-beya just so happens to be the stable in which Kotomitsuki black mailer Mitsumoto Furuichi’s brother wrestles.

Speaking of Mistumoto Furuichi, he has told police that the money he recieved from Ozeki Kotomitsuki was not, infact, hush money, but rather a reward forhelping Mitsuki organize bets and recieve money including  $10,000 (US) for transportation and various fees.

Sounds like BS to me, especially when it conflicts with literally EVERYONE elses story.

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