Nagoya Basho Banzuke Released, Hit list also released

It looks like we finally have a banzuke.  I don’t know why they delayed its release, as its the same banzuke that has been ready since 3 days after the natsu basho.  The names of all of the kyujo and expelled rikishi (and oyakata) are still on there.  Anyway without further ado, here’s the banzuke.  I’ll make smart-assed comments in a second.

  • East Yokozuna – Hakuho
  • East Ozeki 1 – Baruto      West Ozeki 1 – Harumafuji
  • East Ozeki 2 – Kotooshu  West Ozeki 2 – Kotomitsuki
  • —————————    West Ozeki 3 – Kaio
  • East Sekiwake – Kisenosato   West Sekiwake – Kotoshogiku
  • East Komusubi – Hakuba   West Komusubi – Tochinoshin
  • EM1 – Tochiozan        WM1 – Asasekiryu
  • EM2 – Aran                   WM2 – Aminishiki
  • Em3 – Kyokutenho    WM3 – Tokitenku
  • EM4 – Goeido               WM4 – Kitataiki
  • EM5 – Toyonoshima  WM5 – Miyabiyama
  • EM6 – Kakuryu            WM6 – Toyohibiki
  • EM7 – Wakanosato     WM7 – Tokusegawa
  • EM8 – Wakakoyu         WM8 – Yoshikaze
  • EM9 – Shimotori          WM9 – Kakizoe
  • EM10 – Mokonami      WM10 – Tosayutaka
  • EM11 – Takekaze          WM11 – Takamisakari
  • EM12 – Gagamaru        WM12 – Kokkai
  • EM13 – Homasho         WM13 – Kimurayama
  • EM14 – Tamawashi      WM14 – Okinoumi
  • EM15 – Bushuyama     WM15 – Hokutoriki
  • EM16 – Tamaasuka      WM16 – Shotenro

Now for my comments.  I don’t think that Baruto should be in the top ozeki spot.  First he looked sloppy, second he gave a nasty henka at the tachiai against Kisenosato, third, Harumafuji beat him in spectacular fashion and with an injured knee none the less.

Next… I can understand not putting Tochinoshin in the east komusubi, but putting Hakuba there just seems wrong.  Tochinoshin out performed him in so many ways (except the small detail of only getting 8 wins.)  Those tachi-ai shenanigans might work lower down the banzuke, but i don’t see his freak wins coming while ranked in sanyaku, I’m awaiting the inevitable dame-oshi when he tries some sneaky stuff on Hakuho.

Next… Goeido… at ME4… wow, the NSK really likes this guy for some reason, too bad he won’t get to wrestle at that rank, look forward to seeing him give us mediocre sumo from somewhere around M12 in Setember.

I think there are some rikishi that will do well this basho though.  Kitataiki is one of them.  Tamawashi had a freak basho back in May, I think we can expect a decent showing from him, at least 9.  I want Aran to do well, and if he continues to fight like he did in May, he will, but being up in the joi is when he struggles.  I think Kotoshogiku will hang in there as well as he can,  7 or 8 for him.  I want Kisenosato to do well and post 10 wins this basho, but really i’d be happy with 9.

Kaio will get 8.  Kotooshu really needs to get some fire in his game, he just doesn’t seem to want his wins enough.  Harumafuji has the fire, but needs some consistency, and Baruto needs to just figure out exactly how he needs to fight as an ozeki.  He did great when he brought out that tsuppari back in March, I hope he’ll finally be recovered from all his partying and do some smart sumo.

Hakuho will win… again.

Next on to all things Betting scandal

First off, if you haven’t heard, Kotomitsuki and Otake will be expelled.  Kotomitsuki will receive over $200,000 in severance pay, but the other little piggy gets none.  Otake also was forced to divorce from his wife because the scandal was “More than her father could bear.”  It’s fun to note that her father is Taiho (holder of the current record of 32 yusho in the top division) and that he was probably just pissed at his idiot son in law.

Next, the newest Tokitsukaze (soon to be the newest ex-Tokitsukaze) has been slapped with a 5 year demotion to toshiyori status.

All rikishi involved with betting on baseball will be suspended from this basho.  Since the investigation showed that Miyabiyama was heavily involved Musashigawa rijicho will be put under house arrest and given a 30% pay cut.

The following rikishi will be suspended for the Nagoya basho

  1. Toyonoshima
  2. Miyabiyama
  3. Toyohibiki
  4. Goeido
  5. Okinoumi
  6. Wakakoyu
  7. Chiyohakuho
  8. Daido
  9. Kasuganishiki
  10. Kiyoseumi
  11. Funteno
  12. Furuichi
  13. Kobo
  14. Yamatofuji
  15. Matsumidori
  16. Notozakura
  17. Ohseumi
  18. Matsunoumi

Here is the list of rikishi found guilty of gambling (although lesser forms and not traceable to yakuza and so will face no punishment.)

  1. Hakuho
  2. Kisenosato
  3. Asasekiryu
  4. Kakizoe
  5. Kotoshogiku
  6. Kakuryu
  7. Tochinonada
  8. Kasugao
  9. Kotokasuga
  10. Kirinowaka
  11. Masatsukasa
  12. Kyokunankai

The following oyakata will be under house arrest due to taking part in gambling, or due to their deshi, hair dressers, gyoji, etc. gambling. (altough it was conveniently not mentioned which stable masters gambled and which only had rikishi in their stable that gambled.)

  1. Michinoku
  2. Hakkaku
  3. Sadogatake
  4. Kokonoe
  5. Onomatsu
  6. Sakaigawa
  7. Miyagino
  8. Kise
  9. Kasugano

With all of these oyakata under house arrest who is going to shinpan?

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