…and now a word from our designated distraction

Well, we all joked about it happening, but here it is.  The NSK has been in the crosshairs long enough.  We need another strawman to beat the fuck out of.  Hey… what happened to that guy we did that shit to last time, why not pick on him some more.

As reported by the Asahi Shimbun Asashoryu has been served with papers for the “grassroots internationalization” he allegedly engaged in with a young man during the Hatsu basho.  Read about it here

Various News outlets have also reported that if indicted, Asashoryu’s danpatsushiki, scheduled for October, may not take place.  Takasago-oyakata was quoted as saying ‘‘If no further steps are taken against Asashoryu, there will be no problem about holding the ceremony, but I just regret that police had to send papers.’’

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