…now a distraction from our designated distraction

It was reported last night on the NHK’s national news broadcast that a yet unnamed oyakata had been involved in gambling on baseball, but no name was revealed.  However the tabloid Shincho has now reported that Sanoyama (former ozeki Chiyotaikai) was not only involved in betting on baseball, but also had been gambling in illegal casinos.

It had been revealed earlier that Kotomitsuki had gone to Chiyotaikai when he was in need of help with his many gambling issues.  (lets stop ans think at this point… one needs help with a gambling related problem, why would one go to one not involved in such illegal gambling to help solve this problem?  It stands to reason that Kotomitsuki would have gone to someone who was knowledgeable in such areas… anyone who can play connect the dots could have seen this coming.)

Sanoyama has denied any wrong doing, and if found to be guilty could be charged by the police with obstructing and investigation and giving false testimony.

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