Aki Basho Day 1

We here at Sumo & Stogies apologize for our sloppy coverage on day 1.  You see we all have jobs, Matagiyama having moved on from his post giving out hand-jobs at the local convenience store for the world of academia (which coincidentally still involves giving out handjobs), therefore it is sometimes difficult to find ourselves in front of a TV right at 4:15.  Usually we have relied on the kind help from the sumotalk message board, but as they’ve been having problems, so have we.

Anyway, I’ll give you a basic rundown of day 1 and a good hard look at day 2 in the next post.

Toyozakura, Juryo 11 last basho, promoted to M17.  This hasn’t happened since Yonekawa in Haru 1951… and he had 14-1 with a yusho…not Toyozakura’s 8-7.  Long story short: Goeido dominated.  Tosanoumi slapdown on Kyokunankai (Nankai being the longest ascent to Makuuchi: 17 years.)  Lady Gaga probably has a bit more confidence now that lower maegashira is pretty much just juryo now.  Win for the Georgian over Shima’s man-cruch Kakizoe.

What happened to Tamawashi?  He was looking good for a while, but now he can’t even win against Tochinonada.  Kasugao actually had some decent belt work and denied Sokokurai his first makuuchi victory.  Takekaze had a nice enough oshidashi over Koryu (and Moriyoshi rejoices.) Seaking of Kaze, the other Oguruma, Yoshikaze posted a win today over Kotokasuga, certainly looking better than his pitiful showing in Nagoya.  Hokutoriki fell to the large talons of Shimotori, and Bushuyama fell, but not because of anything but his own shitty balance (tsukihiza non-loss for Kimurayama.)  First half action ended with a Kokkai sukuinage over Tosayutaka, and a nice solid Kitataiki yorikiri on Drop Red Sexy.

Strangely enough Hakuba went chest to chest with Mokonami and scored a decent enough uwatenage.  Still, it’s not enough for me to like the guy.  Takamisakari scored a win over Ami-schneaky at the bales, Tokusegawa looked solid and quickly dispatched Kyokutenho, and the Geek made short work of shin-sekiwake Tochiozan.  One of my favorite bouts of the day was Tochinosin and Aran, thats 314kg of Eastern European madness, and the Georgians won out on this one, but it is interesting to note that it only took Aran 22 basho to reach Sekiwake (Hakuho took 24, and it took Harumafuji just about as much to break into Juryo.)

Old gray mare got took advantage of Homasho’s distinct tendancy to come in low, with a quick hatakikomi slapdown, and Baruto made very short work of veteran Wakanosato.  Kotooshu had a bit more of a struggle with Tokitenku, but got the uwatenage (I must say Tenku has been looking a lot better as of late.)  Kisenosato came in hard against Harumafuji and managed a nice big push almost knocking the ozkei out, however he failed to capitalize in enough time and Harumafuji’s speed allowed him to get a double maemitsu grip which ended in a very quick shitatedashinage.  Almost good work by the Kid, but as usual, there is a but.

Finally down to the main attraction Kakuryu v. Hakuho.  We all knew that Hakuho was going to win this one, a fellow country-man would never knock off Hakuho’s winning streak when he’s this close.  But they made it look good, going chest to chest and both parties going makikae more than once.  However as inevitable as taxes, death, and Matagidan trying to defend Tamawashi, yorikiri for the Dai-yokozuna.

more of me for day 2

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