Aki Basho Day 2

I’m expecting a lot of weird sumo this basho, and although there was some on day 2, it was not nearly as much as I expected.  We’ll begin with M16Tosanoumi fighting Toyonoshima up from juryo (that sounds weird).  Tosa is old… older than Kaio, no surprise he went down to the T.shima 2-0.  I’m not sure what word to use for what Gagamaru did to Toyozakura, becuase it was a combination of choking, pushing, and molestation.  In any event Zaukra ended up in the 3rd row, and Gaga is 2-0.  Given Kyokunanikai did take half a step forward before henka-ing the fuck out of Kakizoe and following it up with a delicious burt reynolds, but it got him his first makuuchi win… a win 17 years in the making.  Again decent belt work out of the kimchi-commando for a win over Tama-wash out.  Sokukrai picks up his first Makuuchi win (and awkward NHK interview) with an uwatenage over easy target Tochinonada (both men at 1-1) and Takekaze had a decent tachiai then backpedalled and led Kotokasuga to the dirt. 2-0 for Akita, vice versa for Koto.

Yoshikaze is certainly looking better.  Yesterday he used his pattented “be all over the fucking place” move to neutralize Koryu’s belt grip, and managed a sukuinage.  Standard Kimura, shift to the side at the tachiai, but he was able to catch Shimotori off guard and pick up his 2nd win while the Bird hangs in at 1-1.  Hokutoriki came out of the gates with some decent tsuppari pushing former US president George W. Bush-uyama back and to the left, nice set up for the hikiotoshi we all saw coming.  1-1 for Ricky-ticky and Boobs McGee has none.

Kokkai got Kitataiki up at the tachiai but Kita lunged toward the bales to get out of the way thrusting Kok outward as he did, but it wasn’t strong enough and Kok recovered.  Kok read Taiki’s incoming charge and slapped him down while diving over him.  Both tumbled to the clay, Taiki a split second before Kokkai.  Strange looking stuff.  Tosayutaka and Asa II had an endurance match with similar grips.  They reamined locked up for a bit, but Tosa began to tire, at which time Sexy took the advantage by getting Tosa uright and eventually forcing him out.  Tosa is winless, Asa 1-1.

Takamisakari and Mokonami had a standard tachiai, but I guess Moko wasn’t expecting a backpedal from Robocop because he pretty much just fell over without any further help from the bespectacled one.  Taka 2-0, Moko 0-2.  Aminishiki choked a bitch today.  Oshitaoshi over Hakuba, both at 1-1.

Tochinoshin vs. Tokusegawa, one of my favorite bouts of the day.  Numerous tsuridashi attempts by both parties after a strong tachiai.  However, Noshin’s got the experience here and was able to turn Toku slightly to his side and shuffle him out in impressive fashion.  Great stuff from both guys.  Aran locked horns with the Geek yesterday, and after a not so impressive tachiai by the Russian, he was left trying to keep Geeku from getting morozashi.  But to no avail, the Geeku penetrated and pumped his way to victory.  I will say though, Aran did hang in at the tawara longer than most do.

Tochiozan looked darn good against Kyokutenho.  Right from the get go Ozan had morozashi and dumped the sad man out to pick up his first win, something Kyoku has yet to do.  It looked like Homasho might have had the advantage, and that Harumafuji was too low, but Harry reached out with both hands and steadied himself using Homasho’s left ankle and twirling him to the ground with matador style bravado.  Not really traditional stuff, but it worked. Opposite scores for these two guys 2-0, 0-2.  Kaio needs to send someone a fruit basket for letting him fight Wakanosato on day 2, only 6 more and he’s off kadoban and will be fighting in Kyushu… this is so certain that not even a sumo wrestler would bet against it.

Baruto came in strong and blasted Kisenosato back with a few shoves, but didn’t finish the job.  Kise saw the behemoth backing off and unbalanced, stepped slightly to the side and pounced, getting inside with a swat and two quick pushes got Baruto off the dohyo for an upset win that could start a good trend for the Kid.  Baruto limped back, trying to keep off his left leg.  No injury report yet, but we’ll see.  Kakuryu got an immediate strong grip on Kotooshu’s mawashi, but Oshu kept on the move and used his own belt grip to swing the smaller mongolian out.  Good stuff from both guys.

Hakuho faced Tokitenku (who I claimed yesterday was looking better.)  The Tenku looked really determined going in but a hit with the left shoulder and the right hand on the back of the neck sent Tokidoki to the clay within 1.5 seconds.   Maybe I’ll retract my statement.

That’s 49 consecutive for the Yokozuna, and tomorrow will be 3 consecutive for me as I bring you even more detailed day 3 action.  From Akita, the home of alcohol in Japan.

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