Aki Basho Day 4

So the feed for the 3rd and the 4th day are up, and its time for some mediocre coverage of some sumo!
First up is not Lady GaGa’s bout but Wakatenro and Kakizoe’s. A very eager Kakizoe lunge at his opponent prematurely a few times.  When he finally did do it right, they danced around the ring until Waka tangoed a bit too hard making himself loose balance (teachnically pushed out by Kaks).  Thus, falling out of the ring. Kakizoe…1 win…GET
The next one is Tosanoumi vs. Tamawashi.  So basically, they get into a pushing contest that leads them around the ring.  Eventually, Washi gets the upperhand and pushes him toward the ground.
Toyozakura vs. Sokokurai: From the get go, I thought Toyozaks had it.  It seemed like he made Sokokurai go into a higher position and eventually got him down.  Probably the must interesting bit was the second Soko was down Toyo turns toward his corner and quickly wobbles off camera as though he just shit his pants.
Tochinowada vs. Takekaze: GOO TAKEKA……oh.  The Akitan gets thrown down few seconds into the tachiai.
Kotokasuga vs. Koryu: This round was actually pretty interesting to watch.  Kotokasuga stood his ground while Koryu bombarded him with his fists.  Kotosuga slowly makes Koryu move back until he steps out of the ring.
Kasugao vs. Yoshikaze:  Come on, Yoshi….I’m a bit disappointed in this guy.  When I saw his record I was as eager as Kakizoe to see this bout.  What started off as a decent showing of sumo ended with a fast side step from Yoshi for the eventual dethroning of the King. Win goes to Yoshi.
Kimurayama vs. Hokutoriki: Same deal as the previous fight.  Not too interesting.  Kimurayama picks up his third win.
Kokkai vs. Shimotori:  Wow. Kokkai definitely placed some moves on poor ol’Shimo.  Kokkai gets a good grip onto the mawashi and throws him to the floor.  Probably one of the better displays of sumo in my opinion today.
Bushuyama vs. Tosayukata: I feel bad for Tosayukata.  In the beginning they play a bit of grab ass and decided to screw it after a while.  Bushuyama tries to lift Tosa out of the ring but Tosa tries to pull a fast one.  This makes Bushu’s and all his fat fall upon Tosa.   A win for Bushu.
Takamisakari vs. Kitataiki: In the lower half of the Makeuchi, this is one of the fights I was looking forward to.  Takamisakari’s pre-sumo performance always fun to watch.  However, the actually sumo was pretty bland.  Kitataiki just pushes the guy out of the ring.
Tokusegawa vs. Asasekiryu: A pretty long battle between the two fighters.  Both had a grip on the mawashi. But, Asasekiryu was eventually pushed back to the ring and lifted out.  Decent sumo.
Mokonami vs. Aminishiki: Another decent fight which I thought looked like the fallen Sekiwake was going to win but Mokonami pulled some maneuvers and down goes Aminishiki.
Hakuba vs. Kyokutenho:  This bout was a display of Hakuba’s speed?  I mean he hopped around in circle while entangled with Kyoku.  It did little in the scheme of things because he was taken down by Kyoku at the edge of the ring.
Aran vs. Kisenosato: First match with the makeuchi elites.  It begins with a fury from Aran. When Kisenosato begins his retaliation, Aran does a small shift and sends Kise to the floor.
Kakryu vs. Tochiozan: Kakyru really tried hard to pull Tochiozan to the floor.  Probably a little too hard which perhaps opened him up.  Tochiozan just simply pushed him out of the ring during a pull down attempt.
Baruto vs. Kotoshogiku:  Not much to say about this bout I think.  Baruto got the grip and lifted Geeks up and out of the ring.
Tochioshin vs. Kotooshu: Exactly the same as the last fight.  Oshu gets the grip at the tachiai and lifts the poor guy out of the ring.
Harumafuji vs. Wakanosato: Pretty exciting round of sumo.  At first it seemed that Haruma had a simple win.  But, Wakanosato held off the advance at the ring and was able to knock Fuji back to the center.  After a little bit of grip positioning Haruma got the momentum and pushed Waka out.
Tokitenku vs. Kaio: This fight was definitely the most riled up the crowd has been yet.  Puts pressure on Old man Kaio to perform a bit.  So basically the two rikishi meet in the middle to exchange their grips, then each try to push the other one way.  Kaio had a slight advantage and slowly worked Tokitenku to the edge of the ring.  Kaio used his body to force Toki down.  A win for the Old man.
Hakuho vs. Homasho:   A win for Hakuho.  However,  there was a time that Hakuho looked like he was in trouble.  Homasho tried to do one of those jumping lift outs and this actually got Hakuho to the edge of the ring.  But, Hakuho recovered, turned it around, and flattened his opponent.
4-0: Hakuho, Kotooshu, Yoshikaze
0-4: Homasho, Tokitenku, Koryu
Hope you enjoyed the first report of the Aki basho.  Time to pass the baton to the next guy.
de Gama
Any grammar/spelling errors please forgive…I’m Spanish…or was it Bolivian?

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