Aki Basho Day 5

Just 5 days in and we already have a leader board of only 3 at 5-0, with a few stragglers hanging in at 4-1 (well actually 6, but I only see 2 of them as being actual contenders.)  I must say I missed the first few bouts, but they probably weren’t all that great to begin with, so I’ll just give you the quick run down with an upper Juryo chaser.

Goeido picks up his 3rd win over Wakatenro, whilst Toyonoshima and Okinoumi remain perfect at 5-0.  Miyabiyama hangs in at 4-1, but poor Toyohibiki… still winless in Juryo.  Other records of note are Shinjuryo Mongolian Shironoryu who is also perfect at 5-0 with a win over Nakanokuni.

Now up to Makuuchi.  Hochiyama paid Toyo-Zachary a visit and treated him to an oshidashi.  Kakizoe picked up his 2nd win over Tosanoumi via hatakikomi, and Tamawashi was a dirty copycat and pulled the same hatakikomi for the same second win over Kyokunankai.  Now lets get to the nitty gritty.

The Gentlemen Gaga from Gurujia showed his lateral weakness today.  The momentum from his steamroller charge was used against him by Tochinonada two times before the veteran gave in and was yoritaoshied by the Georgian giant.  Gaga needs to figure out how to protect his weaknesses if he’s ever going to get past lower maegashira. Gaga is one of our 4-1 rikishi, Nada at 3-2.

Takekaze started with his hands right up Kasugao’s pits and it looked like a quick oshi.  Kimchi slipped out but sacrificed his balance and Kaze got behind and traded an oshi for and okuridashi. Both at 3-2.

Koryu came in with arms straight to the face of Sokourai trying to keep him as far away from the belt a possible.  Kokurai slipped left and got a cheap shitate grip which was quickly broken, as Koryu resumed his pushing attack.  Kokurai once again pivoted left and tried for what looked like an utchari or some kind of desperation armbar, but to no avail. Koryu picks up his first win and Sokokurai sinks to 2-3.

Yoshikaze continued his undefeated streak with a quick pivot right and hatakikomi over Shimotori who now rests at 2-3.  My bet is we’ll see Yoshi clean up till he has his KK, then he’ll cool off.

Kotokasuga v Hokotoriki.   Kotokasuga henka-ed left and hatakikomi-ed his opponent and sent him Riku-rolling straight into the tawara.

Kokkai read Kimurayama’s right henka and so neutralized the attempt at a belt grip.  Kok took advantage and quickly oshidashi-ed Kimura.  It looked as if Kok gave an unintentional dameoshi, so to make up for it he then offered what looked like a paizzano embrace. Kokkai also rests at 4-1.  3-2 for Kimura.

Kitataiki got the better of the tachiai against Bushuyama and scored a nice left hand inside.  Taiki resisted all of G.W.’s attempts to stand him up, swung left, and used some good footwork and a final shove in the chest to send Bushu over the bales.  Taiki s lookin good at 4-1 while Bushu needs to reevaluate his strategery at 2-3.

Mokonami walked up today with his shoulder taped up pretty heavily.  At the tachiai Tosayutaka really wanted to get the hidariyotsu, but settled for a left hand outside grip.  Nami attempted a fairly stong shitatenage, but Tosa recovered and picked up a migiyotsu for his troubles.  Tosa tried to gabburi his way to the win, but Mokonami tried some kind of rear lifting bodyslam.  It would have worked but a mono-i revealed that Moko passed the plane of the dohyo a split second before Tosa.  I must say, Tosa’s matches are either split second defeats, or long drawn out yotsu matches with photo finishes.  I haven’t decided whether or not I like this guy.  But he certainly can surprise (especially when he beats Hakuho.)

The bout between Aminishiki and Asasekiryu started straight up (and that was not fully expected of 2 guys with such sneaky reps), but ended quickly as Ami spun to the left and pushed down on Asa’s neck.  Ami is at a nearly respectable 3-2.

Takamisakari nabbed an early lefthand outside on the belt, but it was shallow and Tokusegawa’s pushing from below shattered the grip and spelled the end as Twitchy was pushed up and out with almost no effort.  Misakari sulked his way off the dohyo, but not before scratching his ass in disappointment a few times.  Toku is looking good at 3-2. Taka at 2-3.

Hakuba made the mistake of engaging Kotoshogiku straight on.  the Geeku got inside and burt reynolds-ed Henkaba to the bales, but thought “nah, that was too easy” and decided a surprise uwatenage was a nice way to diversify. Geek 3-2, Henkaba is the opposite of that.

Kisenosato did against Tochiozan what he always does, he gave away the inside left hand position right at the tachiai.  The kid struggled to break ozan’s gip by going makikae and trying to get that right arm inside.  But Ohzan is wrestling too good right now to let that slip and took advantage of the makikae to dispatch his would be dispatcher.  Ozan looks good this basho at Sekiwake 4-1.  Kise has a rough week ahead at 2-3.

Aran jumped the gun once on Kyokutenho, then right at the tachiai Aran went under the chin and left his entire lower body open.  Of course this allowed Tenho into the Russian’s pits, then into a nice hidariyotsu.  When Aran tried for the right outside grip, Tenho made a gabburi push for the bales.  Somehow Aran managed to spin the Sad man around and pulled out his own gabburi to get the Mongol gone.  Both parties now at 2-3.

Kaio actually henka-ed  a bit to the left against Kakuryu, gave up the outside right position, and completely whiffed at a lefthand outside.  He tried to go makikae but Fishface retorted by escorted the elder statesmen to the other side of the tawara.

Baruto smelled Homey’s leftways henka a mile away and opened with a quick harite and a decent belt grip.  The rest was so text book that it was almost boring.  Baruto 4-1.

Wakanosato dodged left after the tachiai against Kotooshu and tried to play bull fighter, trying to leet Oshu’s momentum carry him out.  Which it did, but not before Waka stepped out. The Bulgarian behemoth is undefeated.

Harumafuji came out of the gates against fellow mongolian Tokitenku with his usual vicious nodowa.  Toki stepped back and made an all or nothing hataki attempt, but Harry bounced back and used Tenku’s compromised balance to charge forward into Tenky knocking him out.

Hakuho vs Tochinoshin was a good match to watch.  Noshin moved slightly left at the tachi ai and scored his favorite left hand outside, but failed to capitalize on it immediately.  Hakuho slammed his own hand in for a right hand inside and broke Noshin’s grip.  Noshin managed to get the grip back, but by that time Hakuho had his matching left hand outside.  Each attempted a tsuridashi to weaken the other’s balance.  Hakuho surrendered the inside right hand and moved him arm slightly up and pulled a nice little sukuinage to finish things off.  Not to say that Noshin hasn’t been looking good.  It’s just that Kublai is just on another plane.

That’s 52 wins for the distinguished gentleman from Mongolia (which happens to tie Hakuho’s father’s personal record.)  Day 6 he ties Chiyonofuji if he wins over Kotoshogiku.

5-0 Hakuho, Kotooshu, Yoshikaze  (let’s be realistic Hakuho Yushos again, but will it be zensho?)

You’ll be without me until day 9.   But fear not our Hawaiian heya member has got your back for day 6 action.  Chalmers, make it so.

2 responses to “Aki Basho Day 5

  1. Can you tell me what happened to Homasho? I don’t see him on NHK T.V.
    Where did he go?

  2. Homasho is currently 1-6 this basho. Where were you watching? Was there a news break? The other option I can think of is that you just missed his match Kay. Thanks for the comment and if you have any other questions please let us know.


    Josef Daly

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