Aki Basho Day 8

Chalmers back with your Day 8 results and we already see that some people’s fate has been sealed halfway through this tournament.  As you already know, Hakuho made history yesterday with his victory over Kisenosato to become the lone achiever of the second-most consecutive wins of any rikishi.  This is a record that I hope he adds to until he reaches and surpasses sumo’s all-time best consecutive-win record of 69, set by Futabayama 73 years ago.  Go Hakuho!

To start the day off, Toyonoshima, our lucky winner from Juryo, made his kachikoshi at the expense of Kakizoe, oshidashi,  and may just crawl back up to Makuuchi after being banished in shame.  Someone give him a cookie, but make sure he doesn’t gamble it away!

Team China falling victim to Tamawashi, as the two of them try to hand fake each other at the tachiai, a technique patented by our own Virgil Valentine.  This form of find-mucking is intended to anger your opponent into going home without a fight.  Tamawashi helps Sokokurai back to China with complimentary oshidashi, and picks up his 5 wins.

Lady Gaga faces the home team, Takekaze for a David and Goliath match in size.  Tinykaze floats like a butterfly and stings like a butterfly as he gets tricky and jukes out Lady Gaga.  Helps her to the floor, tsukiotoshi, and comes within 2 of his Kachi.

Team Korea falls for Shimotori after a lousy tachiai, eyes closed and chin tucked, easy way to find the floor.  Shimo gets the freebie, tsukiotoshi to 4 wins.

Yoshikaze, dominating the bottom feeders, quickly finds good position as he gets to the side of Kimurayama.  Kimurayama gets hold of Yoshi’s arm and uses his weight to get ontop and for a crushing tsukiotoshi, Yoshi’s first loss of the tournament.

G.W. Bushuyama gives it up to Asasekiryu, standing up at the tachiai and it’s downhill from there.  Asa takes the left hand in and and walks G.W. out, yorikiri, to 4-4.

Robocop didn’t drink enough “Water Power”, as Ross Mihara so eloquently puts it, gets put into the dirt by Tosayutaka like it was recess in the playground.  Uwatenage puts Robocop at 2-6, and Tosa at an even 4.

Henkaba, regretting that his henka didn’t work, has to get it done the hard way and yoritaoshi’s a surprised Kitataiki, stubbing his toe on the way out (comeuppance).  Henka at 5-3.

Kokkai and the Sneak, exchanging sweat as Kokkai slips by for a hikiotoshi upset over his senior, 6-2 and looking good.

Tochinoshin handing out the first Makekoshi of the tournament in Makuuchi to Wakanosato, yorikiri.  Noshin gets out to the side and drives Waka to a still perfect record, Noshin at 5 wins.

The Blink may as well keep his eyes closed as all hope passes him by. The Chief executes a perfect “no fakery” pull down and sends Kise out with a handprint on his back.  Maybe he can get it signed.  Both men at a pitiful 2-6.

Team Mongolia, Tokitenku and the Kak, wrap up and the Kak gets his right hand in.  The Kak walks Toki out for 5 wins.

Bart tries to wrap up with the King as he continues to forget how worthless he is on the belt.  Bart comes to his senses in time and oshi’s his way to 7 wins, leaving the King at 6.

Kotooshu and the struggling Alan exchange man-hugs and Oshu gets the right hand in.  Oshu picks up Alan for a walk out, and picks up the first Kachikoshi of  Makuuchi.  

The Geek outsmarts Harumafuji and claims “another Ozeki scalp” with a well-executed kotenage.  The Geek with 5 wins, two of them off Ozeki Kaio and Haruma.

Kaio, in danger of demotion, squeaks by Tokusegawa with a hard fought yorikiri win.  Kaio at 4-4, 1011th career win.

Hakuho faced the Kyokutenho, who gives the Yokozuna more trouble than most. Tenho prevents Hakuho from getting the inside hand.  Turns out the Hak doesn’t need the belt and performs a sukuinage, in place.  Perfect execution and still perfect record, Kachikoshi and 55 wins.

Hakuho continues to please.  Chalmers signing off from starry Hawaii!

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