Aki Basho Day 9

I don’t know where you are, but we here in Japan we just got off a 3 day weekend.  I just got back from a mountain climbing camping trip in Yamagata.  Feels good to be back, but it doesn’t feel good to be covered by mosquito bites and bruises… in retrospect, perhaps I should have gone to Tokyo to watch some sumo… then again looking at the past 3 days (Hakuho’s record breaking aside) I might have been gravely disappointed.  Anyway, lets get down to day 9 action.

We started the day off with Toyozakura and Tosanoumi.  While Tosanoumi is old (38) Toyozakura is no spring chicken at 36.  Zakary went slightly right at the tachiai and began a strong shoving attack.  He quickly picked up a right hand inside got some gabburi going and increased his record to 4-5.  Noumi stays stagnant at 1-7.

Miyabiyama was a bit jumpy today against Tamawashi with 2 matas.  Once they finally got down to it Mawashi’s pushing looked decent.  Miyabiyama circled, trying to get some kind of grip, but Mawashi was quick enough to evade and kept things moving.  The Mongol then changed things up with a neat hikiotoshi on the back of the veteran’s neck.  Tamawashi really turned things around this basho, he moves to 5-3, while Miyabiyama stays at a decent enough 7-2.

Kasugao couldn’t resist the human continent that is Gagamaru.  A few pushes and this one was over bringing Meat-suit to 4-4 and Kimchi to 3-5.

We got a usual mata out of Kakizoe, and a not uncommon henka-hatakikomi attempt from Takekaze.  However, Kakizoe was in a good position and the attempt fizzled.  It allowed Zoe underneath and the little guy was able to push Kaze up and towards the bales.  It looked over for Akita’s main man, but the Moriyoshi Marvel was able to slip to the left at the last second and and managed a hatakikomi, a successful one this time.  Neither party looked happy after this bout.  Kaze is 7-2 sniffing at KK and Zoe is at 3-6 sniffing something else altogether.

Kotokasuga henka-ed to the left against Kyokunankai.  Both struggled for a grip with Kotokasuga playing the role of the aggressor and backing Kyoku to the bales.  Kyoku was trying to fight back, but was a bit too low.  Kotokasuga spotted it and took advantage with a hatakikomi.  Koto is now at 5-4 and Kyoku at 3-6.

Tochinonada pulled a bit of a left-ward henka and got a deep outside left hand outside grip securing an easy yorikiri over Shimotori. Tochi- 6-3 Tori 4-5.

Hokutoriki v Sokokurai.  I didn’t like this bout.  First off the gyoji called a mata, which shouldn’t have been called.  Both rikishi had both ahands on the dohyo and both rikishi went in for a tachiai.  Sokokurai henka/hatakikomi-ed and won fair and square (well maybe not fair, and defeinitely not square… but it was a win.)  However, in the re-match Ricky henka-ed slightly and pushed at the Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region-er with quite a bit of attitude.  Kokurai got both hands on Ricky’s arm but an elbow blast and a push sent Kokurai out of the ring.  Ricky even grabbed at Kokurai’s arm in what looked more like an “I thought we had something special…” than a dame-oshi.  3-6 for the Joker, and 4-5 for the Chinese Mongol.

Tosayutaka showed some good deashi after scoring a good left hand inside grip against Koryu at the tachiai.  This bout was as over as Koryu’s current stint in Makuuchi.  The Gorilla moves to 5-2 and Koryu 2-7.

Another freakin mata…at this one Kitataiki showed Yoshikaze how ready he was by pushing him clear of the dohyo… yeah I know its really weird that the mata came from Taiki and not Yoshi.  Once they were set and ready to go again, Kitataiki brought the exact same intensity and got a nice clean oshidashi.  5-4 Taiki, 7-2 Yoshi.  It’s very Yoshikaze like to go  or 8 straight then cool off and barely make KK.  Well see what happens today against Tochinonada.

Standard stuff from Kimurayama, ie. henka to the left.  But Asasekiryu was taking no guff today.  He quickly locked up Kimura and got the yorikiri.  5-4 Asa 6-3 Kimura.

The rare clean tachi-ai from Hakuba ended with Kokkai spinning behind the guy everyone loves to hate and treating him to a painful trip into the 2nd row.  7-2 and 5-4 respectively.

Bushuyama had a good solid tachiai followed by some strong oshizumo, which drove Takamisakari back to the bales with one arm sticking straight up in the air.  Everyone  knows Robocop knows how to hang on at the tawara, but this was just a bit too much for Taka.  Bushu climbs to 3-6 while Taka flirts with Makekoshi at 2-7.

Here my feed cut out and I missed the bout between Tochinoshin and Kotoshogiku… however since Geeku won by yorikiri, I’m guessing it had something to do with at least one hand inside and some gabburi… just a hunch though.  Geeku at 6-3 Noshin at 5-4.

Kakuryu got the better of the tachiai against Homasho, and was going for the maemitsu that has been so good to him this basho.  However, Homey got his hands inside and broke Kak’s grip.  Kak tried to circle right and go for the okuridashi, but Homey didn’t play that and was quick enough to recover and took Kak to the edge.  This one then turned, quickly, to an oshi battle, and since Homasho had all the momentum he came out on top.  3-6 Homey, 5-4 Fishface.

This was the Kisenosato I want to see everyday.  It looked like Tokitenku just told him he slept with his wife, or maybe it was just the right hand harite from Toki at the tachi-ai.  In any event, Kise went right for the throat and did a great job keeping  Toki away from the belt, while staying far enough away to prevent any stray leg waza.  This bout ended with Kise giving one final assult at Tenku’s throat to send him sprawling.  The Kid moves up to 3-6, but has a long way to go to get his 8.  Meanwhile, across town… Tokitenku gets Makekoshi.

Aran began against Wakanosato with some windmill style tsupari, then got low and tight, locked up Waka’s arms, and kept his head buried in Waka’s chest.  The old man saw Aran’s low position and tried to hatakikomi, no dice.  Aran noticed that Wakanosato had been left open, and Aran got the oshi win.  3-7 for the shin-sekiwake, and 0-9 for the poor vetern.

Baruto had Kaio pushed far back and looked like he had it sewn up.  But Kaio must have tripped over a box of lucky charms when Baruto’s follow through on some tsuppari missed slightly at the tawara.  Kaio slipped to the side and was able to sink one of his paws deep into the back of Baruto’s mawashi.  Bart tried to turn things around, but his motion was too slow and he got okuri-ed.  Kaio stands at 5-4 and Bart at 7-2.  3 more and Kaio gets to return home to Fukoka still an Ozeki.

Another 2 matas on Aminishiki this time… that’s a lot of matas in one day…

Anyway, Kotooshu immediately took command with a strong left hand inside and Aminishiki secured a right hand outside.  Oshu pushed for the edge and it looked all good for the Bulgarian, but a left hand on Oshu’s neck and a quick twist gave Aminishiki a nice uwatenage.  Once again Sneaky (now 5-3) foils Oshu (now 8-1).

There was some spirited oshizumo between Harumafuji and Tochiozan.  As the ozeki pushed for the bales Ozan tried to get inside and went for a quick throw with what looked like a weak maemitsu.  While the throw didn’t quite work it did throw Harumafuji off balance enough for Ozan to go for the throat and push Harry down to the clay for an oshitaoshi.  Ama 5-3, Ozan looking good at Sekiwake with 6-2.

This was looking to be a good bout.  Tokusegawa has been looking better and better, but it was his first time meeting the Yokozuna when it counts.  At the tachi-ai Tokusegawa managed to secure a left hand outside grip on the belt, but Hakuho had what looked like morozashi.  With some great movement and constant pressure the dai-yokozuna managed to keep Toku off the belt.  Hakuho tried the same sukinage he used on Kyokutenho on day 8 (which NHK replayed like 3 times, and it looked completely effortless by the way) but it was a no go.  However, it did give Hak the opportunity to nab his favorite migiyotsu with a hidari uwate kicker.  This beautiful uwatenage extends Hakuho’s record to 56, and his yusho count to 16.  That’s right ladies and gentlemen.  Hakuho day 9 yusho… count on it.

count your lucky pesos, DeGama’s back tomorrow.

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