Iwakiyama to Retire

Former Komosubi Iwakiyama of Sakaigawa-beya(Tsushima Ryuta of Iwaki town, Hirosaki City, Aomori) will announce his retirement from the world of sumo on September 26th directly after the Fall tournament.  Tsushima had suffered a stroke in early May 2010 which prevented him from participating in the Summer and Nagoya tournaments.  Iwakiyama had participated in 62 tournaments and was active for just over 10 years.  Over those 10 years he picked up 2 Juryo Yusho, 1 Makuuchi Jun-Yusho, 1 Gino sho, 1 Kanto sho, 1 Kinboshi, and will finish his career with a 407-365-77/774 record.  Thanks for the sumo Iwakiyama.

3 responses to “Iwakiyama to Retire

  1. It is a shame to see him go. Iwakiyama wasn’t the greatest rikishi and in a short amount of time no one will remember who the hell he was, but he was one of the few who made it to the upper division and maintained some dignified sumo throughout his career. He spent 43 basho in the makuuchi, got a handful of sansho and a kimboshi off of Asashoryu, and never once did he henka on anyone. In fact, a rikishi who would focus on his opponent at the tachiai, he was well known as one who could shake off an opponent’s henka and still be able to defeat him. His shikona came from the omnipresent mountain, Iwakisan, in his hometown of Hirosaki, Aomori. When you head into Aomori from Akita, Iwakisan is one of the first things you see. A perfect mountain in a flat plain, it’s distinguished and looks like a mountain should. Indeed, Iwakiyama was a distinguished rikishi who fought and looked as a rikishi should. For the purists in sumo, his presence will be missed. When I see Iwakisan, I always think Iwakiyama.

  2. I was saddened to hear that Iwakiyama-san retired. He was one of my favorite Rikishi. I am glad to hear that he will continue as a coach, imparting his experiences to the next generation of sumo.

  3. Like Valentine said, Iwakiyama always fought straight up. As much as we may joke around. I don’t think there is one guy amongst us that won’t miss Iwakaiyama and his straight forward approach to the sport.

    I agree, it’s good to know he’ll be teaching new guys. I’m sure he’ll be an equally skilled teacher. Thanks for the comment Dave.

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