Aki Basho Day 10

I was surprised with some things I had to do and then got back mi casa pretty late in the noche.  Regardless, I hope you counted your lucky pesos because here’s some riveting coverage of DAY 10 SUMO!!!
I also decided to display el ganador’s record for every bout to see if its helpful.
I think we can see that the scores are a bit on the weak side.
Kyokunankai vs. Toyozakura:  This was a bit of an awkward sumo fight.  There was a lot of belly hitting and arm grabbing.  Finally Toyozakura seems to try for the mawashi and Kyoku takes advantage.  This makes Toyo hop outside of the ring like a wobbling chicken.
Kyoukunankai receives a score of 4-6
Gagamaru vs. Wakatenro:  I don’t even think you can call this a fight.  Gaga just gets low pushes up a few times on his opponent, which ultimately knocks him out.  Gaga was in complete control.
Gagamaru receives a score of 6-4
Kakizoe vs. Tamawashi: For some reason Kakizoe is insanely eager.  He desperately tries to catch Tama off-balance by pushing his arms away or down but in the end Tama moves away pushes Kaki down after an attempted lunge.
Tamawashi receives a score of 7-3
Kotokasuga vs. Sokokurai:  The beginning of the fight they were just lunging for eachother’s mawashi.  After a while they both get it.  However Sokoku eventually gets the strength the lift Koto off the ground and out of the ring.
Sokokurai receives a score of 5-5
Tochinada vs. Yoshikaze: I’m pretty happy for my boy Yoshi.  Its nice to finally see him doing pretty well in the tournament.   That being said he almost lost this one.  Yoshi lunged low toward Nada.  Nada moved back to the side a bit and pushed Yoshi down.  At this point it was up to whether or not Yoshi would go down before Nada stepped out of the ring.  Nada went first.
Yoshikaze receives a score of 8-2
Hokutoriki vs. Kasugao: I couldn’t really tell but I think Kasugo pulled a bit of a henka while trying to push Hokuto down.  However, it didn’t work which led to hugging in the middle.  Eventually the King throws Hokuto down by the mawashi.
Kasugao receives a score of 4-6
Tosanoumi vs. Shimotori:  They start out smacking into each other trying to get some kind under the shoulder type grip.  While hugging, Shimotori pulls a 180 turn to throw Tosa to the ground.
Shimotori receives a score of 5-5
Koryu vs. Bushuyama: This fight consisted of Bushyama slapping and pushing Koryu around the ring.  As Koryu was evading there were chances that Bushuyama seemed to lose balance, but it was never taken advantage of.  Eventually, they got into a hugging match which ended by Bush pulling away and Koryu falls down.
Bushuyama receives a score of 4-6
Kitataiki vs. Takekaze: Kitataiki rushes at Takekaze which allows Takekaze to get a shoulder grip.  Takekaze then twirls him around to the edge of the ring and tosses him out.
Takekaze receives a score of 8-2
Mokonami vs. Kimurayama:  Rough.. They rush at each other (noting that Mokonami slaps Kimura). They then go around in a circle and Kimura attempts what seems to be a double titty-twister to make Moko step out of the ring.
Kimurayama receives a score of 7-3
Kokkai vs. Asasekiryu: Asasekiryu, I believe, henka’s and pushes Kokkai down.  Don’t think the NHK gave it a reply…
Asasekiryu receives a score of 6-4
Tosayutaka vs. Hakuba:  It looks like Hakuba performs a henka and procedes to push franticly.  They get to the edge of the ring and it looks like Tosa is about to toss him on the floor having a shoulder grip.  But, he doesn’t have enough strength. Thus allowing Hakuba to step back and push Tosa out of the ring.
Hakuba receives a score of 6-4
Kotoshogiku vs. Takamisakari:   Kotoshogiku goes in and gets the mawashi grip.  Having this he tries to perform a yorikiri, but Taka stop it.  This only delays the inevitable because Koto tries it again and succeeds.
Kotoshogiku receives a score of 7-3
Aminishiki vs. Tochinoshin: Both lunge at each other trying to grab at something and getting a grip, but the other usually pushes away.  That happens a couple times until they both get into the mawashi hugging stance. With one hand on mawashi and the other on the shoulder, Tochinoshin moves Nishiki out of the ring.
Tochinoshin receives a score of 6-4
Tokitenku vs. Wakanosato: Classic Sumo on this one.  Waka gets the advantage on the tachiai and pumps him out of the ring. Nice first win, buddy.
Wakanosato receives a score of 1-9
Kisenosato vs. Kakuryu: This was actually a pretty sweet battle.  At tachiai there was a lot of pushing around and Kise had the advantage.  At one point he had Kakuryu almost on the floor.  But Kakuryu slides around him, grabs that mawashi, and yorikiris for the finish.
Kakuryu receives a score of 6-4
Aran vs. Homasho:  This showing was awesome in slow motion.  Bodies smacking together. Then, Aran’s simply overpowering arms pushing Homasho back.  Eventually Homasho slips (perhaps a mislunge) and Aran completely takes advantage pushing Homasho straight out of the ring. Classic.
Aran receives a score of 4-6
Harumafuji vs. Tokusegawa: Pure power.  Haruma rushes in, locks Toku’s arm, and his other hand pushes against Toku’s neck.  Using his strength overtakes Toku and pushes him out. Short and sweet.
Harumafuji receives a score of 6-4
Baruto vs. Kyokutenho: Starts with some ill-attempted pushes to the face by Baruto.  He quickly changed his strategy and grabbed Kyoku’s mawashi.  Then it was only a matter of time until he lifted him off the ground and out of the ring.
Baruto receives a score of 8-2
Kaio vs. Kotooshu: Both rush in and get a grip on each other.  Oshu tries to lift Kaio off the ground and Kaio goes sideways.  This allows Oshu to throw Kaio to the ground.
Kotooshu receives a score of 9-1
Hakuho vs. Tochiozan: Well, my bad on this one… the feed I got didn’t have the coverage. But, I’m sure it went something like … They had a bit of fun at the tachiai.  Hakuho gains advantage and performs a good ole yorikiri for the win.
Hakuho receives a score of 10-0

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