Aki Basho Day 12

Bertrum here bringing you the day 12 Aki basho reports! We’re certainly feeling the Aki part of Akita as the temperatures have dropped and our nips are feeling hard and chilly! But in the world of Sumo, it is definitely still HOT! And that heat was definitely rolling in from the East to claim the days overall victories. Let’s now see what I’m rambling on about…

Wakatenro vs. Tosanoumi: Waka up from the Juryo division, tries his hand at playing chicken with the tosa. Now, though there was an initial clash, it just seems that the makuuchi had the bigger balls and puches waka out back into juryo with an oshidashi.

Kasugao vs. Toyozakura: This bout was built up to be pretty interesting as the two ox’s are standing on an even keel. However, from the get go Toyozakura seems to leap frog over kasugao, pushing him to the ground in the process – otherwise known as a hikiotoshi.

Koryu vs. Tochinonada: A really exciting bout! Koryu’s sixth time in makuuchi, tochinonada, a veteran’s, 70th or so. Worth noting that Koryu has yet to defeat Tochi. blubber went on blubber, and the veteran tried to thwack Koryu out of the ring (by the throat i believe), but, with a surge of blood koryu comes back and forces Tochi out with a yorikiri, beating the guy for the first time. If he didn’t polish off that bout with a stogie, he damn well should have done!

Kotokasuga vs. kakizoe: This bout can be summed up as all powder and no shot. the two pushed slapped and wrangled with not much effect at all. Koto manages to finally get a drip of kakizoe’s mawashi and manages to simply push kakizoe out of the ring.. and most likely back into juryo…

sokokurai vs, yoshikaze: a false start by Yoshikaze merely gave everyone a snippet of how pumped he was for this bout! the soko was hit by the full force of the Kaze and was lifted and pushed straight outta the ring in a blink! Changing his name in the process from sokokurai, to soto kurai. A nice attack from yoshikaze giving him a 10-2 victory.

Takekaze vs. shimotori: Takekaze, the man from Akita, keeping the Aki real with this basho! A very quick bout won with a tsukiotoshi, also leaving Takekaze on a 10-2 victory on day 12.

kokkai vs. tamawashi: An interestng turn of events, a good grip of the miwashi and a wedged foot into the rope of the ring allows kokkai to fling tamawashi out of the ring with a sukuinage.

kitataiki vs. kyokunankai: A pretty straight up bout with an oshidashi win for kitataiki.

Gagamaru vs tosayutaka: it seems that Lady gaga had put on a few pounds here, and turned from singing to steam rolling his way over the tosa to claim a yoritaoshi win for himself.

Mokonami vs. bushuyama: You put ya left had in, and your right hand out (on the miwashi) and shake it all about – is how mokonami got his win for this bout.

Takamisakari vs. hokutoriki: Personally, I feel that this was a dirty bout. Taka starts off with a shoulder barge to the face, dropping hokutoriki with a oshitaoshi. A re-match should have been in order, despite it perhaps being an accident.

Kimurayama vs. hakuba: In a blood lust kimurayama goes straight for the throught and takes a firm hold, but unawares hakuba “E-honda style” pnumatically power slaps kimurayama out of the ring. another dirty match, won by an oshidashi.

Kotoshogiku vs. Asasekiryu: A quick side jump to the left (like the time warp) sends kotoshogiku flying out of the ring by awatenage.

tokitenku vs homasho: I think we all knew who was gunna lose this bout with tokitenku on 1-10. A flying lung forces tokitenku out of the ring by oshidashi.

tokusegawa vs. wakanosato: The bout started with an almost mirror image display of grabs, grunts and punts! But with a toss, turn a trip tokusegawa manages to kirikaeshi waka.

kisenosato vs. kyokutenho: A pretty run of the mill bout by kisenosato. a grip, belly push and a yorikiri sent kyokutenho out.

tochinoshin vs. kakuryu:  A beautiful bout, sso much power strength of muscle and a low charge to push out by yorikiri. Kakuryu. Good Sumo.

Baruto vs. Aminishiki: As always I was ooting for Baruto here, particularly as he on 3 losses and looking a little sloppy at the moment. Some good manouvering by Aminishiki puts Baruto in a position where he simply knew,  he was done. You could see the pain on Baruto’s faces, and almost felt like giving the jolly giant an ice cream.

Tochiozan vs. kotooshyu: Wow! It seems that the Europeans just haven’t got it for the team at the moment. Kotoshyu pulls a similar maneuver to that of Baruto. By the time he realised that the bout had started, Kotooshyu finds himself out of the ring. Another disappointed face… Looks like koto and baruto will be hugging those two losses out!

Haramafuji vs. Aran: Another dirty looking match by Haramafuji. I’m not a big fan of this guy as he always seems so cock sure of himself, so a disappointment to see Aran falling out the ring by oshitaoshi.

And so we have the last bout of today, Hakuho vs kaio: Great display of sumo by hakuho here. he was not up for paying homage to the grandaddy kaio (as others like to). Took him a pulled muscle or to to achieve it, but yorikiri nonetheless. 59 consecutive wins

Can’t wait to see the day 13 events.. Time for a curry with Valentine

Bertrum out-

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