Aki Basho 2010 Wrapup

S&S Sansho

to be announced 9/29

Best Bout of Aki Basho –  Hakuho v. Baruto

Most Improved Rikishi – Tochiozan

Keppare-sho – Takekaze

Booby Prize – Bushuyama

Lets begin this Wrap-up from the bottom up.

Jyonokuchi Yusho goes to W30 Oazuma (巨東) with a perfect 7-0.  Oazuma is a 20 year old Fukushima native that fights from Tamanoi beya.  He had made it up as far as Sandanme E80 in January, but an injury put him on kyujo for 3 basho, forcing him back down.  Expect to see him do well in Jonidan come Kyushu.  Other noteworthy performances came from
-Tagadagawa-beya man Tenkaizan (天海山)  with 5-2,
-16 year old Kawachi (河内) from Shikihide-beya with another 5-2, in just his 4th basho
-Azumanami (東浪) from Tamanoi beya with another 5-2, despite his injuries in May and July
-Isegahama-beya’s Ichifuji (一富士) with 6-1
-and Kiriyama-beya’s Kongofuji (金剛富士) with 6-1 who was just on sabbatical in Jonokuchi having sat out in July.

Jonidan Yusho was taken 7-0 by W77 Yoshifuji, the 18year old from Isegahama-beya.  That’s 4 straight Kachikoshi after an intial stumble in Maezumo.
Other Noteable performances in upper jonidan came from :


The Sandame yusho belongs to Chiyozaukra (千代桜) of Kokonoe-beya.  Keep your eyes on this guy.  He just enterd sumo back in March, and has only had one loss since, which came back in May when he was in Jonokuchi.  So this mean its the 2nd straight Yusho (his 1st coming in Jonidan in July.  Saishin (齊心) (who won the Jonidan Yusho back in May) picked up a 6-1  and Myogiryu (妙義龍) came back from a 3 basho injury break to get a 7-0 and force the play off.

Makushita was conquered by Naruto-beya’s Takayasu(高安), who came out with yet another 7-0.  As for our Juryo buddies that fell down to Makushita for this basho, the only one with a respectful score is Chiyohakuho(千代白鵬) who posted a 6-1.  But it looks like Ryuho(琉鵬), YMY(山本山), Nakanokuni(中の国), Mastsutani(松谷), and maybe Sagatsukasa(磋牙司) and Tokushinho(徳真鵬) will be heading down from Juryo, and Iwakiyama’s (岩木山) retired, so we’ll see how many will be returning tomorrow.  Others in Makushita that had a decent basho are as Valentine previously stated:

Aoiyama (碧山) who has looked good the past 2 basho after his embarassing 2-5 at Makushita 5.
Aoki (青木) picking up his 2nd 5-2 basho in a row.
and Ikioi (勢) getting his 3rd consecutive KK

Now onto Juryo.  This one went DEFINITIVELY to Toyonoshima with a day 13 yusho and a final score of 14-1.  Our other gambling men did well too,  Both Miyabiyama and Goeido posted 12-3, while Okinoumi ended with 10-5 and Wakakoyu with 8-7, however Toyohibiki diasappointed by only getting 7-8.  Other performances of note would be Newcomers Tochinowaka, Takarafuji, and Shironoryu.  All kachi koshied their first time in Juryo, the standout however was Mongolian Shironoryu picking up 10 wins, beating all of the other shin sekitori, and being the only one to defeat Toyonoshima.

Now onto the big show.  This is truely Hakuho-jidai.  Where as we have Kaio hanging on and breaking (read: paying for) records, we have one of the greatest yokozuna of all time doing so legitimately.  This is Hakuho’s 17 yusho.  His 4th consecutive zensho (8th overall), 62 consecutive wins (7 away from tying, 8 away from breaking the all time record.)  If Hakuho gets one more zensho yusho he will sucessfully shatter/tie 4 records in one tournament, which has gotta be a record in itself (so maybe 5): most consecutive wins, most consectuive zensho yusho(tie with Futabyama), most total zensho yusho(breaking Futabayama and Taiho’s records), and best win record in a year (breaking his previous record by 1 win.)  I don’t see anything stopping this guy from achieving this.  I also would hate to be the guy that did it.  Imagine the what he’d do to you at the next degeiko session…..ugh.

Harumafuji needs to heal up fully, and remember to take his Ama pills.  He pickep up his KK, but he’s having too much trouble with heavier opponents.  Having his wedding ceremony on the horizon won’t help anything in Kyushu.

Kotooshu, as usual, psyched himself out.  His day 9 loss over his long time adversary Aminishiki certainly had some effect on the way he was wrestling as he only won 2 out of the next 6 bouts.  He got his 10, but should be getting more and contending for the yusho well past day 9.

Baruto is still a bit sloppy and making mistakes he shouldn’t be.  Losing to Kaio on day 9 was inexcusable.  I forget which color commentator in the booth it was, but someone said that Baruto is going in for his tsuppari with both hands and was making it too easy to either catch an arm and throw him off balance, or to get a quick inside if you can get under the thrusts.  This seems like a pretty good assessment to me.  Bart seemed weak this basho to a lateral response to his tachiai.  Work on it Bartholamew.

Kaio.  What can I say.  I can’t possibly believe all those bouts were won straight up.  I, like Valentine, am done with this rikishi.  I’ll be happy to see him retire after Kyushu.

Tochiozan was on fire this basho.  Wins over 3 ozeki and both Komusubi set this guy up for a good basho.  His sumo is looking more and more solid.  his tachiai has become more aggressive, his deashi hasn’t backed down, and he’s not hesitating or losing confidence against the big guys.  I’m really looking forward to seeing him in Kyushu.  I’m also excited to see the return of some nice healthy sideburns to the top ranks.  I think I’ll start my Tochiozan for Ozeki campaign now, here’s the slogan I coined on day 11 of Osaka “Tochiozan: the sumo we want, the sideburns we need”

Aran didn’t really impress this basho, and had a henka or two to get some wins, but keep in mind it’s his first time at sanyaku, Technically he’s got 30 wins over 3 tournaments, 2 junyushos and 2 fighting spirit prizes.  If he would have been able to pull a kachi koshi out of the bag here, he could have pushed for ozeki promotion easily from there.  Alas, his deashi disappeared somewhere in the first few days.  He’ll have trouble in Kyushu as he’ll have one of the tougher schedules from the get go, i see him staying at komusubi, but he’s really gotta work on his concentration and the fighting spirit he’s gotten 2 awards for.

Kisenosato, is one of those on the bubble guys.  All he needs is a bit of a boost in his game to break through.  David Shapiro made the comment on senshuraku that he needs to go train with Hakuho.  As much as I can’t agree with Shapiro on a lot of things, and I’d like to nail his lips to the floor, he’s right about this.  Kise needs to be out there training with as many people as possible, improving his game, improving his feel, and improving his concentration.  He leaves himself WAY to open at the tachiai, and just a few days with Hakuho could help that.  It’ll be back to rank and file for him, maybe he’ll step shit up and we’ll see a kinboshi, fighting spirit prize and a junyusho.  But not likely.

Kakuryu is doin his shit.  This is just what I expected from him.  His consistancy has been going up the past few basho and I’d expect to see him pull another 8 or 9 out of the bag in Kyushu.  Especially with the ozeki in the shape they are.

Tochinoshin had a shitty basho in Nagoya, I’m not sure what it was.  maybe the tough first few days’ schedule, maybe his mind was just somewhere else.  He did better in Aki, but not by much.  He had some good chikara zumo bouts, (his bouts with Aran and Harumafuji come to mind) but he also made some bone head moves.  In any event I expect to see him get his 8+ with a few ozeki scalps and a sansho.

I was disappointed with Tokusegawa.  This guy has been showing good forward thnking sumo with good technique and good instinct, but perhaps he’s just a bit over ranked at M4, and just needs some more experience.  I expect 9 from him in Fukuoka.

Hakuba… how he gets kachikoshi I’ll never know.  He’ll have a hard time in Fukuoka, but he’ll continue to surprise.

Glad to see Kitataiki pulling his shit together and coming up with 9 wins.  If he can avoid re-injuring that knee, he’ll be doing well for a good few years.

We all knew Hokutoriki lost it a while back, but this basho proves it.  Ranked this low I though the Joker would clean up.  6 losses in the first 7 days just spelled the end of this basho.  Then that embarrassing KO from robocop on day 12… i don’t blame him for not wanting to come back on the dohyo for a while.  I hesitate to speculate how well he’ll do farther down the banzuke, but I’ll say he’ll probably get 7 or 8.

The Oguruma boys looked good this basho.  Yoshi pulling in 11-4and a Kanto-sho, and Takekaze pulling in 12-3, Kanto-sho, and a Junyusho.  Both Kaze’s moved well and showed good thinking on the dohyo.  The one thing I was leary about was Takekaze’s huge henka on Kimurayama on day 13, but as Take himself said (as countless other children have in the past) “he started it.”  I don’t think Take will do this well farther up the banzuke, but if he moves and fights like he did in this basho I’d expect a KK.  Yoshi however has a tendency to fluctuate.  He’ll have an amazing basho then 2 terrible ones.  I’d expect 8 at the most from Yosh in Nagoya.

Sokokurai picking up his 11th kachikoshi in a row.  Showed some strong stuff and some weak stuff, but I expect him to struggle a bit in makuuchi until he learns how to deal better with the bigger rikishi.  7 or 8 in Kyushu.

Gagamaru looked much better this basho.  He was moving better, and he wasn’t getting tripped up as much by stupid stuff.  Perhaps the shin nyumaku jitters have worn off and Radio Gaga will being posting big wins all the time.  It’ll be interesting to see in Kyushu.  what with so many guys going right back to Juryo and so many other coming back up to lower maegashira.

Well thats all we’ve got for Aki 2010.  Stay tuned for the new Sekitori announcements which will be coming on Wednesday, and October coverage of Asashoryu and Chiyotaikai’s danpatsu shiki.  In addition to other breaking sumo news, Cigar and Whiskey reviews, and more.

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