Musashigawa-beya to Change Hands and Name; Asashoryu on Hakuho’s streak and His Encounter With the Unluckiest Bodyguard in the World

As reported on sumo forum (here), as of tomorrow Musashigawa oyakata will hand over the governance of his stable to Fujishima oyakata (former Musoyama).  This apparently was decided upon 2 years ago and has nothing to do with Musashigawa’s health, or the recent gambling scandal during which numerous members of Musashigawa’s heya were found guilty of gambling, he as put under house arrest, and he resigned his post as rijicho.

In his tenure Musashigawa produced Yokozuna Musashimaru; Ozeki Miyabiyama, Dejima, and Musoyama (now Fujishima and taking over the heya), and various other wrestlers including Kakizoe, Bushuyama, and Shotenro.  The question is, does Fujishima oyakata have the chops to take over.  His career as Ozeki Musoyama was not bad.  During his 11 years in Makuuchi he racked up 1 Yusho, 4 Jun-Yusho, 4 Gino-Sho, 5 Shukun-Sho, 4 Kanto-Sho, and 2 Kinboshi (kinboshi scored against Akebono and Takanohana).  He slipped down to sekiwake once (mostly due to injury) and was kadoban 7 times, almost all of which involved some sort of injury.  Time will tell if the new blood in the leadership and a new name will kick start Fujishima-beya into producing more solid rikishi.

Former Yokozuna (and S&S hearthrob) Asashoryu was encountered at Narita International Airport after a flight back from Singapore by Japanese press asking various questions about Hakuho.  When asked “Which rikishi is going to be able to bring down Hakuho?” Asa said after a brief pause.  “me.”  oh, Asa…ou little scamp.

In the comedic realm Asa was on hand at the Japanese premier of the new movie “Night and Day”, starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.  Asa took a few pictures with Cruise ending things with a hug.  He also scored two shots with Diaz but when he approached too close was restrained by Diaz’s bodyguard.  That guard doesn’t even know how lucky he is that he didn’t push things further.

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