New Sekitori Announced

Creswell here.  Well the Banzuke committee has met and decided on our Shinjuryo Sekitori.  Gentlemen and Birds, we have our first(make that first 2) Sekitori from the Heisei era.  Here they are in no particular order.

Akiseyama (明瀬山) 25 years old.  Just changed his shikona from his birthname of Fukao (深尾) Mitsuhiko with his promotion.  Aichi native who fights from Kitanoumi-beya(formerly of Kise-beya).  183 cm 174.8 kg.  Akiseyama has 5 straight KK finishing with a 4-3 in Aki from Makushita 2 East.  He picked up the Makushita yusho in Nagoya 2009.

Masunoyama (舛ノ山) 19 years old, from Chiba Prefecture fighting from Chiganoura-beya.  179 cm 171 kg.  Also with 5 straight KK picking up a 5-2 in Aki and having picked up a sandanme yusho back in Osaka 2008.

Tsurugidake (剣武)  31 years Saitama native fighting from Musashigawa/Fujishima-beya. 181 cm 161.8 kg.  On and off rikishi who picked up his lone yusho in jonokuchi way back in Natsu 2001.  Finished with a 4-3 in Aki.

Finally Makushita Yusho winner Takayasu (高安) 20 years of age, he shares the same home prefecture and heya with Kisenosato.  Ibaraki-ken Naruto-beya.  185 cm 131.5 kg.  Pretty solid record, with not too many MKs.  This is his first yusho which he picked up with a perfect 7-0 record.

As mentioned before Masunoyama and Takayasu share the honor of being the first 2 sekitori born in the Heisei era  (post 1988) both having, coincidentally, been born in Heisei 2 (1990)

Making their “triumphant” return to Juryo are Daido and Chiyohakuho, although to be fair Chiyohakuho did score a 6-1 to Daido’s 4-3.

Stay tuned for more breaking news, as well as cigar and whisky reviews, plus more.

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