Important Kyushu Dates

The NSK has released the official dates for the Kyushu basho.  They are as follows.

October 30th, 31st – Rikishi arrival in Fukuoka

November 1st – Banzuke announcement

November 2nd – Rikishi Meeting

November 5th – New Deshi recruitment test

November 12th – Basho Organization Conference

November 13th – Dohyo Matsuri

November 14th – Shonichi (opening day)

November 21st – Hakuho breaks Futabayama’s record, reveals angelic form, wreaks havoc upon town and cities across Kyushu.

November 28th – Senshuraku; Hakuho’s 18th Yusho; wailing, gnashing of teeth.

December 1st – Hatsu Basho Banzuke Organization Conference

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