Your Thoughts on Kyushu?

We here at S&S would love to hear feedback from our readers.  So whilst there is no real sumo action going on now, lets debate about what might happen come Novemeber.  Here we go…

Unfortunately, the banzuke is still feeling the effects of the gambling scandal, and things probably won’t equalize out until Hatsu.  So, again, making calls is gonna be tough, and under ranked rikishi like Toyonoshima, Miyabiyama, etc will have a good basho, whilst over ranked rikishi, and rikishi who probably shouldn’t have KKed in Aki are gonna struggle.

Interesting to watch will be:

(of course) Hakuho: Is Futabayama’s record going to be broken?  Will this be the basho that someone finally steps up to challenge the dai-yokozuna?  Or will he take this one zensho too?

Harumafuji: Has been festering a bit lately, and has flirted with his first kadoban.  Now that Hakuho will have gotten his chance at the record, will Haruma bring back some of the fire and really kick some ass?  Or will his upcoming wedding arrangements and the media attention garnered by that affect his stuff?

Baruto: Is this Estonian gonna clean up his act and fight like he did right before he got Ozeki?  Or is this going to be yet another basho of sloppy footwork and poor concentration?

Tochiozan: looking to add another 10+ win, special prize basho to his resume in hopes of putting together an ozeki run.  Is it in the cards?

Kisenosato: going to be bumped out of sanyaku and hungry for blood.  Will he bring the nosie/pain, or will he sputter and disappoint?

Aran: hanging on to sanyaku by his fingernails.  Can the Russian Rabble Rouser wring out a rout against the more renowned rikishi?

Brothers Kaze: are Take and Yoshi going to be able to hold their own so high up the banzuke?

Tochinoshin: Is it finally time for the Georgian to settle in the upper ranks and become a sanyaku man for good?

Gagamaru: Was radio Gaga’s 10-5 a banzuke realted fluke? or is he destined for greatness in Fukuoka?

Sokokurai: Did the distinguished gentleman from China’s Inner Mongolian Autonimous Region’s Makuuchi jitters melt away on day 13 with his 3 win streak? or was it a round-about ticket on a train back to Juryo.

Hakuba: Man or Mouse?

Lastly, who is going to have a breakout basho?

Let us know what you think.  Leave comments and join in the debate.

4 responses to “Your Thoughts on Kyushu?

  1. Great questions Creswell.

    Here’s one more: will this be Kaio’s last basho, or will the man from Fukuoka find a way (notice how it rhymes with pay) to survive another basho?

    I think (hope) this is it for Kaio. If he does graciously step down and intai his way to Oyakatadom, I think that will open the door for Tochiozan. If not, I think Tochiozan might have a ways to wait before the opportunity makes itself available.

    Hakuho’s worse enemy is himself, and that’s saying something since Hakuho’s inner-conflict is essentially a non issue (like many of the Ozeki) these days.

    Look for Baruto to make a move this basho but don’t be surprised if he loses his focus one or two bouts (Kakuryu comes to mind).

    Speaking of which, he’s my pick for this basho, I think he’s on the verge of making another breakthrough in the Makuchi. What does everyone else think? Your comments and questions are always welcomed.


  2. Samuél de Gama

    I like how you placed my picture by two of my favorite rikishi, the Brothers Kaze. I’ll start by agreeing with your concerns. Both of their sumo has been relatively solid in the last basho. However even when going against weaker opponents, they seem to make small mistakes that may end up costing them. Also, Takekaze in my opinion is either very on or off in a basho. So in next basho, fighting harder opponents may be their down fall. Lets hope not…

    In regards to Hakuho, I think its awesome that he is close to breaking that record, but I really want someone to take him down. The only people that I really can see doing this is Oshu and Baruto – and both need to step up/clean up their act. It’ll make for some interesting sumo if it does happen. But most likely not.

    de Gama

  3. I thought you’d like that deGama. I know you have a boner for Yoshikaze that’s about the size of Takekaze.

    Given the condition that Kaio is in, i think this will be his final outing, and he’ll give it his all. Meaning, unless he pays for them, the wins will not pile up. He’ll finish maybe 6-9 or 7-8 and call it a career. Conveniently opening the door for…

    Tochiozan. He’s looking great. I don’t think he’ll get 11 this time out, but he’ll fight his way to 10. I see him taking down Kaio, the other sekiwake and komosubi, all of the joi, and maybe Harumafuji and Baruto. Maybe we’ll even get the scripted “Japanese Hope Overthrown Mongolian Yokozuna-Tyrant” headline in the Asahi shinbun. In any event, if Sideburns is smart he’ll keep his eyes on the prize and push for ozeki promotion while the door is ajar.

    Things used to be that when Kisenosato slipped this far down the Banzuke he’d end up with 10 or more wins and some sansho sprinkles. We’ve been seeing the fire, but not the concentration. With a joi ranking i’ll give the kid 9, but hope for 10.

    Saying “Tochinoshin is gonna do well this basho” is like saying “Bears shit in the woods.” He does good every basho, he knocks off a majority of the ozeki, and puts up a fight against Hakuho. Good, straighforward chikara-zumo. I’ll say kachikoshi with a few ozeki scalps, 9-6.

    I think we’ll see Gagamaru run into a bit of a problem, but i still think he’ll KK. I’m gonna say 8-7 Radio flyer with a few embarassing slip-ups.

    Seems like Sokokurai was having some trouble finding a groove in Aki. He’ll have a hard go of it with lower/mid maegashira being what it’s gonna be. but i give him 8.

    Hakuba: less than mouse… more like mouse turd, that was vomited on by a hobo.

  4. Samuél de Gama

    Well, it may be the size of Takekaze, but its got Yamamotoyama-sized width.

    Seriously though at least with GaGa if placed too high and the under-ranked Juryo make it back, he could definitelyfind himself with a losing record.

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