Latest News on Kaio

A recent report from a medical examination of ozeki Kaio stated that he needs a 2 week rest in order to recover enough from a knee and hip injury in order to be able to participate in the upcoming Kyushu Basho, due to start on November 14th.  Although Kaio had taken part in 2 of the Fall Tour dates, he took a break from the rest.  Tomozuna oyakata was quoted as saying “We’ve decided he needs to rest so that he can participate to his fullest capabilities in Kyushu.”  This will be Kaio’s 104th basho in Makuuchi, and his 62nd at the rank of Ozeki.  However we haven’t seen an Ozeki worthy performance since his last 10-5 back in may 2007.  At this point Kaio’s “fullest potential” is minute fraction of what it used to be, and most of the victories he gets are paid for.  Most speculate that this will be his last basho.  Do I smell a Yusho?  Yes, I do… but it has nothing to do with Kaio.

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