Harumafuji Injured at Exhibition! Some Keiko Reports

When I first read this article I got a bit excited because I thought it said Hakuho was injured, however that was just my bad Japanese leading me down the path my brain wanted to go.  After a more careful reading it appears that ozeki Harumafuji (26yrs  Isegahama-beya) suffered a rotator cuff injury and is unable to elevate his right arm.  The physician that saw Harumafuji recommended 3 weeks of rest.  So from the 25th Harumafuji has bowed out of the rest of the Autumn Tour.  Gentlemen and Birds, it appears that one of the sparse few that can beat Hakuho at a tournament will most likely not be a factor.  The ozeki has been battling various injuries for the last few basho.  He doesn’t fight quite as well injured, so we might not end up seeing him at all this basho.  A further Hakuho zensho is looking more likely as the days go by.

In other keiko news:

On the 27th Hakuho took on Kisenosato for a daily record of 9-1.  On the 28th Tochiozan took on the Yokozuna and ended up with a record of only 1-8, managing a Tsukiotoshi after getting a nodowa on the yokozuna.  Tochiozan was quoted as saying “I tried to go chest to chest with the Yokozuna, and get a feeling for how to move well against him.  I want to do my best to improve before the Basho.”

So far no one has really been able to put a sizable dent in Hakuho at these keiko sessions.  The dai-yokozuna has steamrollered Tochiozan, Kisenosato, and Gagamaru, but as Harumafuji just suffered an injury it appears Kublai won’t get to meat Mongol#2 until  day 13, if even that.

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