Kyushu Banzuke

Well here we go again.  I could open with something witty; substitute some letters of someone’s name to make a clever pun, or even just some toilet humor.  Or I could open with some cheesy metaphor comparing sumo to autumn, and take the time to write some flowery lines about the change and fall of rikishi down the banzuke.  But seriously you didn’t come here for a bunch of BS.  So without further ado, here is this year’s Kyushu banzuke.

And here’s Juryo

Some of this is a bit surprising, some not so much.  Gagamaru didn’t make as big of a jump as I would have hoped, while Hakuba made too much of one.  No one here at S&S was surprised with the Banzuke through M2 east.

However, mostly all of us disagreed on who was coming up from Juryo and who would go down from Makuuchi, but Valentine and I were proven right.  Personally I knew they would bring Okinoumi back up.  The JSA has a hard-on for this guy, for what reason I do not know.  His sumo is still a bit stiff, although his tachi-ai has gotten marginally better.

I feel bad to see Kakizoe head back down to juryo,  I like the little guy.  He always give it everything, but he has just been to eager and not centered enough lately, perhaps this will do him some good.

All of the gamblers are back (except for Toyohibiki) all of whom turned in at least results of 10-5 in Juryo.  All of the guys up in Makuuchi for this basho are the usual suspects, who can usually hang on for a basho or two.  So there should be any huge upsets.  However having Miyabiyama, Goeido, and Toyonoshima so far down the banzuke means they’ll all probably have good a basho.  Well, we’ll see with Goeido, with his “golden boy” image tarnished with a few shitty basho and a gambling scandal, we’ll see how he fairs.

There is an interesting situation down in Juryo… Shironoryu is up to J1 after a crackerjack 10-5 from J11 (being the only one to beat Toyonoshima.)  It should be interesting seeing the shin-sekitori perform as well.  If I’m correct 2 of the 4 are half Philipino.  Which doesn’t make them technichally “Foreign Rikishi”, but close enough (at least as close as Taiho was.)

Fans of Sumo & Stogies,  keep checking back, as we’ll have our usual daily basho coverage, plus breaking news, as well as debates on sumo related topics throughout the Basho.

Enjoy, and comment if you like.

6 responses to “Kyushu Banzuke

  1. Good rundown!

    I am happy that Gagamaru DIDN’T make a bigger jump up. Don’t get me wrong – I like the big guy a lot (he’s in my fantasy sumo stable) but he needs some more basho with the lower ranking guys so he can build his confidence (and maybe some technique). I think if he can get 10 again this time THEN he is in line to be M3/M4 and have to face the top guys. It’ll also be interesting to see how he fares against guys who really SHOULDN’T be henka’ing. Since Gaga’s attack is stand up and roll forward at his opponent, he is very susceptible to the henka.

    Speaking of “henka” let’s talk about Hakuba. I am certainly NOT a fan of Hakuba, but I really just wish he would commit to trying good sumo for an entire basho. He HAS actually had some impressive wins. But they are all marred by his blatant (and unapologetic) side-stepping. I’d like to see what he really has in his arsenal. Of course it can never happen now – but I would really have loved to see him go up against Asashoryu. If he tried a henka then, he would end up being thrown into the Gold Tophat Guy’s lap – with some choice Mongolian curses.

    Okinoumi and Shotenro are just visiting.

    Has anyone heard anything more about Harumafuji’s possible injury? That concerns me greatly as he is also in my fantasy stable! 😦

  2. The Brothers Kaze moving on up! Looks like I’m pitching a tent a bit early!

  3. Thanks for the comments Chris. It’s definitely true that Gagamaru leaves himself open to lateral movement at the tachi-ai. I’m also waiting to see Hakuba get thrown like a frisbee into the 4th row (guaranteed to happen at least once.) It looks like we won’t know anything more about Harumafuji’s condition until The first day of the tournament, as it was reported that he’s going to sit out all keiko sessions until the day 1. If he participates at all. I decided to keep Ama out of my fantasy team this go-round.

    • My dilemma with Harumafuji runs deeper. The fantasy league that my brother and I have created has an “ongoing retention” system where we each “buy in” for $100. Then, each rank has a cost + how many times you “retain” them makes you pay them more. If I released Harumafuji, my brother could draft him and then I would not have another chance to get him until he was released again.

      We field 12 rikishi and total wins wins “the Oyakata Cup” – which wins back some money. There is also a large award for having the yusho winner – which my brother having Hakuho solidly retained will win for the near future. This is a LOT of fun as time progresses you really have to decide which guys are worth what you are paying them.

      For instance – right now my brother has Hakuho, Baruto, Kotooshu, Miyabiyama, and Sokokurai retained at a total cost of $70.50 – so when we draft this weekend he needs at least 7 more guys and only has $29.50 to spend.

      I have retained Harumafuji, Tochiozan, Aran, Kisenosato, Kakuryu, Tochinoshin, Tokusegawa, Mokonomi, Tosayutaka, Gagamaru, Aminishiki, and Kokkai for $89.50 – leaving me only 10.50 – but I really only need to fill a gap or two in the middle ranks.

      I actually have no plans of running Aminishiki this time around. I retained him just to keep my brother from getting him and to run his pricetag up – so that if I DO have to release him he’ll have to pay more to get him.

      Just imagine “George Steinbrenner Sumo Wrestling” and that’s what we do. It is A LOT of fun and makes you look long term vs short term. Do you want to beef up now on vets or go for youngsters? (As you can see my bro has a core of vets and I have a core of youngsters – I also made a trade a couple basho ago so that I get first dibs on Tatsu when he gets to Juryo. Yes – we use Juryo as our “farm team.”)

      I’m looking forward to following this site and leeching some opinions from you guys.

      I also celebrate victories with a nice peaty Laphroaig and big, oily Gloria La Cubana Serie R #7 Maduro … so I feel like a kindred spirit. 🙂


  4. Unfortunately we can probably exect Harumafuji to be a bit of a sleeper for the time being. His rotator cuff injury plus the other injuries he’s had are going to keep him a bit rusty until he can get healed up. Couple that with his impending wedding and we will see an ozeki both physically and mentally stressed.

    Good news is you look like you have a good stable of rikishi there. I can see everyone you’ve got at least with a kachikoshi this time out. Tochiozan, Kakuryu, and Kise, will KK plus a bit more. Aran will either have a great basho or a terrible one. Mokonami will probably get 9 if he’s healthy. Tosayutaka could go either way but seeing how far down he is he should do decently. Gaga will KK, but let’s see how well he’s moving before I give him any more. I think this is going to be a really good basho for Tokusegawa, provided that he’s healthy, I’d say 9 or 10 with plenty of good sumo. Again providing Aminishiki is healthy I’d see him with as many as 9 or so.

    Kokkai and Harumafuji are your gray areas. Haruma might end up kyujo or with a weak right arm, and Kokkai always has that neck BS that has held him back. Time will tell for them.

    Kotooshu, Baruto, and Miyabiyama will do fine, they’ll have some slip ups, but they”ll do fine. It’s yet to be seen whether Sokokurai will be a boon for your brother or not. I think he’s gonna struggle again this basho. If he’s able to acclimatize better, not to mention quicker, than last basho he’ll get his 8. However the competition this basho is much different than last time, so I’ll give him 7 for the time being.

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