Kyushu Basho 2010: Day 3

S.N Chalmers here with your Kyushu Basho Day 3 report and all eyes were on the Heart-Break Kid, Kisenosato.  The NSK live-feed camera never left Kisensato during their entrance to the Fukuoka Kokusai Center arena.  Two bring the noobs up to speed, yesterday marked the end to Yokozuna Hakuho’s run at the all-time consecutive-win record (at least for now), at the hands of M1 Kisenosato.  Could it be that Kisenosato is getting his act together after two consecutive makekoshi took him from his seat at Sekiwake to the upper ranks of Maegashira?  Whatever spurred his kinboshi, gold-star win over the strongest Yokozuna in the last hundred years, I for one hope to see it continue, for his sake.  I would bet a hundred Hong Kong dollars that the NSK shares my opinion on that, and would pay even less to hear what they have to say. 

I would have loved to see Hakuho reach 70 or more, and was sick after watching that match.  But everyone has their bad day, and it had been 63 days since Hakuho’s last.  We all know he can do it, and I think all who enjoyed watching his ascent to number two will all stay close to their televisions to follow him as he goes all the way to the top… and hopefully they get their friends in on the cheer.  Go Hakuho!

Without further ado, the report.  Starting at the top…

Toyozakura vs Kasugao:  Toyozakura, making his makuuchi appearance this tournament, faces team Korea.  Kasugao outmaneuvers Toyozakura for a Yorikiri force out, via Toyo’s face.

Koryu vs Okinoumi:  Okinoumi gets his left-hand-in and looks for the right, locks it up for a bit, then lets the inside hand go for a nice uwatenage and his third W in Fukuoka, which

Goeido vs Shotenro:  Goeido overzealously rushes in and leaves his legs behind.  Shotenro capitalizes for an easy hatakikomi slap down.  Goeido bites the dust for the second time this tournament, and Shotenro puts up his third W.

Sokokurai vs Miyabiyama:  Flubby tries for the pull down at the tachiai, but team China stays sharp and on his feet.  Fancy footwork on those little feet gets ‘ol tubby tired-out and the giant can’t keep his feet under him.  After some stumbling, team China works the giant out for his second W.

Tochinonada vs Tokitenku:  Missed this one… Toki for a yorikiri win puts him at 2-1.

Mokonami vs Bushuyama:  ‘Ol George W. showing some fight as he makes Mokonami earn this one.  In the end ol George W. loses his legs and gets yoriatoshied to the sand.  Mokonami with his second win and a sore elbow, cradling it after the match.

Takamisakari vs Tosayutaka:  Robocop continues the please the crowds before, during, and after the match with is little antics that make him the one-and-only.  Robocop gives Tosa the ol manhug, which would make any man quite uncomfortable, and takes Tosa to the ground… perhaps expecting a tickle fight.  Takamisakari air-cuts his air-birthday cake and triumphantly does his post-match stretches as he waits

Kyokutenho vs Toyonoshima:  Toyonoshima with a quick morozashi puts Kyokutenho on the ropes, but gets outsized in the end and is muscled up and out by double arm bar, kimedashi.  Kyokutenho with two wins.

Gagamaru vs Shimotori:  After a nice wrap-up, the bird able to outwit Lady Gaga for an uwatenage throw down to his second win.

Kotokasuga vs Tamawashi:  King Tama able to shove out the Fukuoka native, oshidashi to two wins.

Kokkai vs Kimurayama:  Kokkai seems to have won the hearts of some kids as they chant his name and give him some gambares.  If anything, the support made him fight even more like a bitch as he slaps and scratches his way out of the ring and into some old dudes lap.  “Kokkai, Gambatta,” as the kids get the final word.  Kimurayama oshidashi to two wins.

Yoshikaze vs Wakanosato:  Wakanosato, aka Santa Claus, is still generous with the wins as Yoshi manhandles him.  Yoshi gets grip and tosses Santa around before putting him in the sand, hatakikomi and three wins.

Hakuba vs Tokusegawa:  Never an honest tachiai out of Henkaba, makes him the most predictable of them all.  Tokusegawa catches Henka in the act and gets position to throw him out uwatenage, though the official report was yorikiri.  Toku with three.

Homasho vs Takekaze:  Cigar Shop vs. Home Team, nobody tries harder to get to the top and never get there than these two.  Cigar Shop takes a thousand slaps to the face before waking up and taking his first step forward.  Home Team caught off guard at the late start and easily pushed out, yorikiri puts Cigar Shop at 2-1.

Aran vs Kakuryu:  Alan gives the Fish a morozashi before changing his mind and going right hand in.  Alan tries to walk the Fish out, but can’t hold on as the Fish slips out and around for a yorikiri that puts the Kak at three wins.  Alan with a perfect zip, so far.

Tochiozan vs Kitataiki:  Elvis makes short work of Kitataiki as he oshidashis to his second win, and earns another chilidog, “Thank you very much”.

Aminishiki vs Baruto:  Bart, with his fastest tachiai ever, catches The Sneak with two feet still down.  Bart gets a solid grip, puts The Sneak on the ropes, and lifts him what had to have been a meter off the ground before putting him where he was bound to get sooner or later.  Tsuridashi to 3 wins.

Kotooshu vs Asasekiryu:  Asasekiryu wearing blue instead of red today, meets the same fate, regardless.  Kotooshu keepshis cool as he walks his opponent out, yorikiri to two wins.

Tochinoshin vs Kaio:  Tochinshin visits the old-folks home, where Kaio is king and the fans all chant his name.  Old Man Kaio showing that experience wins over youth as he turns the Georgian at the tachiai and grabs the back of his mawashi.  From there it is an easy walk out, yorikiri to two wins this basho, and 1016 career victories.

Harumafuji vs Kisenosato:  Everybody is talking about Kisenosato here in Fukuoka.  I think I heard one lady cheer for Harumafuji.  I was trying to watch Kise and see how he’s changed in the past two days.  Patience.  Kise fights defensively and keeps Harumafuji off his belt and rocks his second Mongolian with a big-time tsukidashi shove-out to put Haruma in the stands.  Kise with two, and Haruma yet to get his first.

Hakuho vs Kotoshogiku:  I would hate to be the Geek as he fights Hakuho in the first match since the Yokozuna fell seven short of the all-time consecutive win record.  Hakuho, not taking his reminder that he is still human, fights like the lion he should have brawled like last night and takes it out on his first of many victims on his way back to the top.  Never taking a step backwards (his mistake yesterday), Hakuho fights aggressively and never gives an inch.  Lightning tachiai, doesn’t get a solid grip, but doesn’t need it, ends it with a beltless arm throw, kotenage.  Hakuho with his second win of the basho, and his first step toward 70 wins.  Go Hakuho!

Bertrum gonna give it to ya’ll tomorrow with your Day 4 report.  Chalmers, signing off!

Go Hakuho!

2 responses to “Kyushu Basho 2010: Day 3

  1. Chalmers (& other most excellent readers),

    What do you think the chances of Baruto taking the Kyushu Basho’s Yusho? Does anyone save Baruto and Hakuho stand a chance this tournament? Curiously,


  2. Baruto’s wins haven’t been good enough to think he’ll achieve a record which is sufficient for a yusho. Unless Hakuho has more set-backs like he did in January, a Baruto yusho is out of the question.

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