Kyushu Basho: Day 4

A good day to all ye sumo watchin, stogie smokin whiskey drinking scallywags!

Thank you for the baton their Mister Chalmers: Bertrum here bringing to you day four of the basho! And what an exciting basho this is turning into, awed with the hopes and dreams of another win for the right and honourable Kisenosato yesterday, is he going to be able to make a hat-trick? keep reading and all shall be revealed! Particularly as Kisenosato is up against the less honourable (in ones opinion) Kaio… Will he challenge one of the grandads of sumo, or challenge his peer?

Nowe, my apologies I must give to ye all for not being able to watch the whole of the Makuuchi division, but you can pretty much tell where I managed to pick up the slack…

Koryu vs sadonofuji: Koryu takes it with a hatakikomi
Kasugao vs miyabiyama: Miyabiyama says good morning with a yorikiri
Okinoumi vs sokoku: Okonoumi is eating this basho like his okonomiyaki! Looking sharp with a 4-0 win
Shotenro vs Tochinonada: Apparently also likes okonomiyaki! 4-0 in.
Takamisikari vs Goeido: G took the T down!
mokoyami vs tokitenko: T victory

Bushuyama vs Tosayutaka: A really interesting bout, as it was the first time that the Tosa has beat Bushuyama in Makuuchi (in his life, could you believe) – With some swinging and a Yiroikiri, we all know who was being Tosoa’d about!

Kyokutenho vs Gagamaru: A pretty boring bout… Just seemed like one looooong hug, followed by a couple of farts by Kyokutenho, which managed to give him that extra push to knock Gaga over the rope.

Tamawashi vs Toyonoshima: A real exciting bout, both stood on 2-1 hitherto and both seemed to want this win. Fought sumo the way I like, all out on the attack. Unfortunate for Tamawashi though, Toyo managed to E-honda slap tama’s miwashi right out the ring. I don’t think Tama really knew what hit him since it seems like he wanted to continue even afterwards! A stare down from Toya though gave him the what for, hoot toot!

Kotokasuga vs Shimotori: A great test of strength as man goes against man – bear hug style! A sukuinage though achieved by kotokasuga by pushing on the off balance, sees Shimo thrown to the ground!

Kimurayama vs Tokusegawa: Another fuel inspired bout, and I have to feel sympathy here for Tokusegawa though, who slips on the sand… disappointing, and I hope he can reclaim some of his cred in tomorrow’s bouts.

kokkai vs wakanosato: Wakanosato was really in control of this bout, denying kokkai of a grip on the mawashi, but perhaps seemed a little too confident with his situation. A push from wakanosato sees a side step from kokkai, who follows along with wakanosato and manages to land on top of him!

Hakuba vs Takekaze: This is it, the big one! Man from akita needing to show his muscle and keep it real. A very quick bout and a push down tsukiotoshi from take, blew up a sandstorm as hakuba ate dirt!

Yoshikaze vs Tikataikai: Terrible bout on Yoshi’s front, he just went too low, and got pushed down. Very quick, and almost a move one would have expected by a noob… Keep dreaming Yoshikaze…

Tochiozan vs Aran: Rough basho for Aran who has definitely seen better days. Hands down for tochiozan. Good sumo all round and a straight up yorikiri win.

Tochinoshin vs kakuryu: Though it was a yorikiri win for tochinoshin, such a win sounds boring! At one point I thought it was all over with a kakuryu win by yorikiri, but slight breather and an advantage by Tochinoshin forces him out.

Haramafuji vs Asasekiryu: no contest, for obvious reasons.

Kotoshogiku vs Baruto: I think Baruto is the only guy who smiles before a bout. Not such an interesting bout, but a very confident and “well read” manoeuvre by Baruto to secure a 4-0 victory so far in this tourney.

Kotooshu vs Homasho: Very sloppy battle by Kotooshu, where was his heart? Think he needs to ask and answer some pretty big questions on why he is here in Japan, let alone this basho. Literally thrown head over heels by the end of the bout – Homasho, defeating the ozeki vanguard… Well deserved of course, but a disappointing show.

Kisenosato vs Kaio: this is it, the match people have been waiting to see… Perhaps the most obvious and disappointing match of todays bouts! A jiggle action from Kisenosato, very little effort and certainly an epileptic worm would have given a better fight. Kaio gently taps Kisenosato out of the ring with an okuridashi.

Hakuho vs Amanishiki: No contest, and not such an interesting bout – but, gets the job done for Hakuho. I’ve seen this kinda fight many a time before performed by Hakuho… it’s just a shame that it wasn’t performed a couple of days ago.

Well, there you have it! Overall, today has been a day where the wrestlers have both physically fought, but perhaps more interestingly, for a match of each other’s wits and mental strength as each wrestler has looked square into the eye of their opponent, to show them that they mean business and that their respective bout is theirs. That is at least, except for the instance of Kisenosato vs Kaio. I’ve seen some great Sumo in today’s bouts, and match of the day certainly goes to Tamawashi vs Toyonoshima. But where-as I have seen everything I love in the nature and honour that comes with the duty, I have also seen it’s dirty side with the pathetic and contrived display from Kisenosato and Kaio. I’m not happy folks

But with that, I will pass this ongoing conversation over to De Gama, who will bring to you good fellows day 5.

L. Bertrum

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