Kyushu Basho 2010: Day 5

So it’s that time again – that is having the baton passed to me – to give another mediocre overview of what has become a pretty great basho. Great in the sense that like many men who find themselves in a respectable position we get to have the pleasure of seeing The Man have his dreams crushed right before his very eyes and ours. I am given the honor of telling the tale of the aftermath. So join with me with your preferred drink for this enlightening journey.

Shotenro vs. Okinoumi: Previous to watching this bout I remembering hoping that it would be interesting seeming that the two were previously undefeated. However, not too entertaining. Shotenro used his strength to barge forward and push Okinoumi out of the ring.

Koryu vs. Kasugao: Kasugao pretty much had this one in the bag. He tried many things to get Koryu down but in the end he seemed to knock him slight off balance and pushed him out.

Goeido vs. Miyabiyama: Ha ha. In the beginning there were a bit of pushing between the two. Miyabi decides to thrust at a suppose was an opening but he leaned in to far. Goeido takes the advantage and moves to the left and pulls him down. Quite entertaining to watch..

Tochinonada vs. Bushuyama: Always a pleasure to watch the flab of the Bush in action. So starts with the two slamming into each other which leads into the classic hugging and grab-assry associated with this wonderful sport. During this there were many attempts by Bush to get a grip but Tochi was ever aware and blocked the attempt. I don’t know if I agree with his judgement…I mean if that hunk of a man was trying to give you a reach around… why fight it? Regardless of the decision this led Tochi to get into a position to claim the victory. But, did he get the prize? If there was only locker room coverage

Sokokurai vs. Tosayukata: I never really liked Sokokurai. However, what merit can you really place on a guy who gets a boner for the steed of a certain red-capped plumber on a windy day… but I digress. Tosa had the momentum and was aggressive. Soko couldn’t fend off the attack. Done

GaGaMaru vs. Tokitenku: Damn! I really thought Gaga had it in the first second! He pushed with Toki with his arm but Toki fended off the attack as if it was easy to turn the tide quickly. Toki puts the pressure on forces the Lady back to tumble out of the ring. Pretty impressive.

Takamisakari vs. Toyonoshima : Despite all the crowd pleasing the guy is known for, Takamisakari could not sustain the onslaught that was Toyonoshima. Toyo got inside to the mawashi and lifted him up. Done.

Mokonami vs. Shimotori: Both charge at each other and while trying to get grips appear to be hugging like they haven’t seen each other in a while. As Shimotori tries to get a better grip Moko pushes forward and forces Shimo back. This makes Shimo collapse at the edge of the ring.

Kyokutenho vs. Kimurayama: Kyokutenho read Kimura like a book and gains a point. Not much to say…

Kokkai vs. Tamawashi: It was a quick start and to me it looked like Tamawashi was faster. This knocked Kokkai a little allowing Tama to get an upperhand. Kokkai tried and failed to fix the situation. Win for Tama.

Yoshikaze vs. Kotokasuga: So despite being called a noob in a previous report… Bertrum. I think the little guy recently has been pulling his weight. And this bout is no different. Yoshi starts off charging and pushing forward. Then I would like to think that he notices that Koto has more or less the same idea. He then steps back and uses Koto’s own momentum to pull him down. Brothers Kaze 1- Rikishi 0

Tokusegawa vs. Takekaze: Back to Back Brothers Kaze. I’m sure Creswell can only imagine the school boy grin this guy has right now. Really… maybe akin to the smile Bertrum had when he saw me, de Gama, arrive at the Fall basho. Again I digress. T.Kaze starts with an upward thrust and quickly goes for his grip. Immediately tries lifting Tokusegawa up….and fails. Toku turns him a little and throws him to the floor. Win for Toku…now I have to go to the fridge to grab another beverage to walk off what could have been a glorious rush of blood to my lower regions but is just a semi-rush of blood. 😦 Brothers Kaze 1-Rikishi 1 Hopefully, tomorrow Yoshi can avenge the poor guy.

Hakuba vs. Wakanosato: I would like to say that I am not covering this bout as a protest to Henkaba. But, the real reason is that my feed was glitch through the match… Wakanosato wins. If you guys really want to read something… I’m sure it read like Hakuba henkas, Waka sees right through it, Waka takes him down. I could be wrong but I think its fair to assume. Or perhaps not, hearing the commentary afterwards, but lets just let it be, eh?

Aran vs. Tochinoshin: Strength battle performed by the foreigners. Both of them grab the mawashi. Aran proves he has a little more strength by lifting him out. Tochinoshin did put out a little fight at the edge of the ring but only bought him a second or two. Aran grabs his first win.

Aminishiki vs. Kakuryu: Oh my! They both hit each other pretty well. Aminishiki stays low looking for a grip assumedly. Kakuryu goes high and pushes Ami down. Very short bout but really fun to watch.

Tochiozan vs. Kotoshogiku: Tochiozan made pie out of the Geek. He grabbed a quick hold and did the classic sumo thrusts. The Geek couldn’t stop this Japanese shinkansen. Next stop Out of the Ring. Classic Sumo.

Kitataiki vs. Kaio: Entertaining to watch, but was it a viable win is up for debate. At the start Kaio attempts push Kita down twice and failed. Then he goes in for a grip. All this work more or less allows Kaio to move Kita to the edge where they have the hugfest. Kita stands his ground and actually gains enough momentum to lead Kaio to the other side of the ring. However, this allows Kaio to grab the mawashi and throw Kita down and out. Old man wins.

Homasho vs. Baruto: I was hoping Baruto would keep his undefeated streak. But alas, he is now tied with Hakuho, Yoshi, and Kaio (What?!)…And I realize I am excluding some people. It was a pretty exciting fight, even though it seemed to me that Homasho was in control for most of the time. Homasho prepares himself no where near the white line and charges at Baruto. Being massive Baruto just stops him. However this give Homasho a decent grip and allowed him to get Baruto close to the edge of the ring. You got to hand it to Homasho who actually lift Baruto up a little. After this Baruto is really trying to turn to tides in his favor by using his strength to do something at least. But, Homasho give it his all and falls on top of Baruto for the win.

Kotooshu vs. Kisenosato: So can the Bane of Hakuho’s existence beat his Ozeki? Well, apparently. This can only be described as a back and forth dance throughout the ring. One guy gains an advantageous grip and rolls with it then the other guy breaks the attack and presses on. Eventually Kisenosato gets a good grip and pushes a semi-tired Oshu out.

Hakuho vs. Asasekiryu: Hakuho performs some powerful thrusts on Asa. Gets a grip, swings him around and does the classic short lifting thrust to get Asa out.
Win for Hakuho.

Well, that’s de Gama out. Lets eagerly wait for some Day 6 Coverage.

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