Kyushu Day 6

Shitty day of attendance at the Fukuoka Kokusai center for a day with some pretty shitty bouts.  The leader board evened out again with 8 rikishi sharing the 5-1 spot.  At least I had Murray Johnson to keep me company, and a nice surprise in floor announcers with Sekinoto (former Iwakiyama) sealing things up.  In Juryo Sakaizawa is on top with 6-0 with Akiseyama, Kaisei, and and Wakakoyu trailing by just 1 win.  Shironoryu is stagnating at 1-5.  Good old Yamamotoyama is now kyujo.  Down to makuuchi.

Goeido v. Kasugao: Goeido got and immediate migiyotsu at the tachi-ai, which spelled yorikiri for the Osaka native. 4-2, 1-5 respectively.

Okinoumi v. Miyabiyama: Okinoumi came in a bit high and Miyabiyama started with a thrusting attack as usual, then went for the pull down, which sent Casanova tumbling toward the tawara.  Oki almost had himself turned around, but Miyabiyama was on his stuff today, so almost didn’t count.  Oshidashi. 4-2, 3-3

Koryu v. Sokokurai:  The man from Inner Mongolia tied up Koryu’s arms effectively shutting down the pushing attack.  Sokokurai pivoted, trying to get migiyotsu, but ended up with hidari yotsu whoich was good enough for a yorikiri. 3-3 for kokurai.

Tokitenku v. Shotenro:  Tenku opened with a harite and scored migiyotsu, while using the left hand to block Tenro from getting a grip and pushing out the only guy who had no losses.  Each rikishi at 5-1.

Tochinonada v. Tosayutaka: Nada henka-ed and tried for an armbar throw, but Yutaka managed to break it.  They both then tried for a slapping attack, which fizzled, and Yutaka finished things off with some lateral movemnet and a hidariyotsu. 3-3, 4-2.

Kyokutenho v. Mokonami:  Mokonami has not been looking as solid as usual.  He is known to be able to fight back quite well on the belt, and has decent stamina, but this basho he’s missing something.  Although the darker man got the best of the tachiai, the Sad-man got the better of the belt battle.  5-1, 2-4.

Toyonoshima v. Bushuyama:  Toyonoshima went in low on the tachiai hoping for morozashi (spelled it right Murray) or at least migiyotsu, but Dubbya knew well to keep his elbows in to deny that.  Shima read Bushu using his weigh for a push out and slipped to the side and hatakikomi-ed. 5-1, 1-5

Gagamaru v. Tamawashi:  Gagamaru looked to have this one in the bag.  He came out of the gates with lots of good deashi, and even some lateral toyomovement keeping the momentum going when Tamawashi pivoted, but Gaga lost his footing and Mawashi spun a bit at the bales, and after a monoi it was decided that Gaga’s hand went down first.  Gaga was NOT HAPPY, and neglected to get back up on the dohyo and bow.  The gyoji made sure this situation was rectified.  For a moment I thought Gaga was crying on the way out. 1-5, 4-2

Takamisakari v. Shimotori:  Shimotori tried for a maemitsu at the tachiai, but Robocop grabbed onto Birdy’s left arm like it was an apple tree and got the hikiotoshi. 3-3, 2-4

Yoshikaze v. Tokusegawa:  Yoshikaze was all over the place today.  Murray Johnson had it right when he said “there was everything in that bout except the kitchen sink”.  I saw attempted leg trips, head/neck push/pull downs, gabburi, throws, pushes, slaps, and thrusts.  Toku seemed to get a decent pushing attack started, but Yoshi slipped to the side then got behind and got the always-embarrassing okuridashi.  Yoshi is looking decent, Tokusegawa not so bad (disregarding todays bout). 5-1, 4-2

Wakanosato v. Kimurayama:  This was Wakanosato’s second encouter with a henka-fanatic in a row.  However, today there really was no henka.  Sato was tenacious in applying constant pressure while Kimura moved back.  Kimura tried to step to the side at the tawara, but Sato was on top of it.

Kotokasuga v. Hakuba:  Straight up tachiai this time from the asshole, followed by a slip to the side.  Hakuba tried for what looked like an ashitori, then some gabburi, a belt throw, maemitsu, and a pulling attempt, before finally getting to the side of Kotokasuga and winning via yorikiri.  1-5 each.  Kotokasuga should not have lost that.

Kokkai v. Takekaze:  Akita’s native son took the blow at the tachiai, then slipped to the side and got deep and outside on the belt, using the over enthusiastic Georgian’s momentum to carry him out. 2-4, 3-3

Geeku v. Aran:  Standard Geeku gabburi win.  But with a migi uwate instead of morozashi. 2-4, 1-5.

Tochinoshin v. Aminishiki:  Sneaky snuck in a henka at the tachiai.  The sneak nabbed a left uwate and spun the komosubi around and out for the W.  2-4, 3-3.

Kisenosato v. Tochiozan:  Kise started off with a left hand in the pit of the sekiwake and keppt Ozan from getting inside, while pushing with a right hand nodowa, then managed a right hand uwate which sealed the deal. 4-2 for both Japanese hopes.

Kitataiki v. Kotooshu:  Kitataiki got the left hand in on the tachiai, but couldn’t manage the grip given the length of Oshu’s mid-section.  Oshu had hidari yotsu, but after breaking Taiki’s attack Oshu was able to safely switch to migiyotsu and finishi things off. 3-3 each.

Kakuryu v. Kaio:  Kakuryu did the smart thing by trying to push Kaio up and back relying on Kaio’s weak lower back to help thigns along, but what he didn’t rely on was Kaio slipping to the side and spanking his little bottom blueer than his mawashi.  Uwatedashinage for the old man. 4-2, 5-1…somehow

Baruto v. Asasekiryu:  Baruto started with a harite and got his usual over the back migi uwate, while Asa II managed a left hand inside.  Bart was struggling for the left hand inside, but couldn’t get it.  So he moved back and pulled an uwatedashinage that put him on his butt, but got him the win.  5-1 and the share of the lead.

Homasho v. Hakuho:  Homasho came in a bit low and wasn’t keeping his eyes up.  And for that he got a nice smack in the head, a side step, a sniff of Hakuho’s left armpit and a slapdown.  Not the most elegant Hakuho sumo, but it was a win. 4-2, 5-1.

I must appologize for the lack of my normal stinging sarcasm and toilet humor, but I am currently without a computer and don’t have the luxury of time to prose these things up for you.  hopefully that will be remedied this weekend, and I’ll be back to my bitchy, judgmental, scatological self.

Tomorrow will be brought to you by the number 7 and the letter D.

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