Kyushu Basho 2010: Day 10

A good day to all you fellows out there, Bertrum here giving you the day ten report. Enough talk, let’s get on with it!

Sokokurai vs Kasugao: Not such an interesting win by Kasugao with kotenage – Pretty much the way he always likes to win a bout.

Takamisakari vs Okinoumi: Love to see that growl that Taka does at the start of the bout, especially early on in day! My heart goes for Taka, he seemed well up for it! Even with a false start from perhaps being a little too eager. Though he pressed hard in the first half, Okinoumi was really just waiting for the Taka to take a breather. With that pause, Okinoumi released his strength and won by Yorikiri, but you can’t hate the guy for it either. It’s just the better man won.

Koryu vs. Bushuyama: This bout also wasn’t particularly interesting. Seemed like the Bushu just walked forward slapping and managed to push Koryu out of the ring, with very little fight from Koryu.

Mokunami vs. Shotenro: An interesting bout by Mokunami, was definitely in his favour from the start, and manages to knock Shotenro off balance and win with a shitatehinari.
Gagamaryu vs. Miyabiyama: A quick lunge from ladygaga, saw him gagging the dirt as Miyagiyama sidestepped and helped him go down by hikiotoshi
Kyokutenho vs. goeido: Goeido pounces on Kyoku and gets a good grab of the mawashi earlyon. This enabled him to have the advantage to push kyoku to the end of the ring, he tried to swing him out as a last ditch attempt, but it was no use as in doing so kyoku stepped out.

Tamawashi vs. Tokitenku: Not such an interesting win, but I was paying particular attention to the firm boob grab Tamawashi did before he thrrsts Tokitenki out – just to show him who’s the bitch in this relationship!
Kotokasuga vs Tochinonada: A hard shoulder barge hit Tochnonada unawares, struggling to recover, the match was all kotokosuga’s with an oshidashi
Kokkai vs Tosayutaka: A well even bout that could have gone either way. Both men charging, grunting – could almost smell the sweat through the screen! But a slip by the both saw them go down by kotenage… Unfortunate for kokkai, he was underneath!

Toyonoshima vs Tokusegawa: Toyo got it by Shitatenage

Shmotori vs Wakanosato: Shimotori by hikiotoshi.
My apologies for the last two bouts. As the battle rages on in this two week basho between East and West, it seems North and South also decided to have a kick-off and a go at each other. Although, this match is happening over in Korea, and not where I like to see a battle. Perhaps these two war torn nations need to settle things once and for all, Democracy vs Communism: North vs South – in the Dohyo! Let’s continue:
Hakuba vs Kimurayama: A nasty and somewhat dirty attack from Kimurayama. Went straight for the throat! Hakuba however recovers, though seemingly strggles to deal with the sheer weight advantage of Kimura. He manages to dig in low however, and impressively gains his yorikiri! He’s happy.
Aminishiki vs Kitataiki: Think I saw this bout earlier on with Koryu vs. Bushuyama! Not such an interesting bout, read the above report to get the picture. Aminishiki takes it.

Homasho vs. Kotoshogiku: A big push, and Kotoshogiku takes it, oishidashi. Not so an interesting.
Aran vs Kisenosato: Must have been a grudge match here, as Aran seemed to be better suited to the boxing ring! Kisenosato however, just grabs himkeeping Aran on the back foot and takes him out, tsukidashi.

Asasekiryu vs Tochinoshin: A low rugby tackle went a bit too low for Tochinoshin! Very quick bout, as Asasekiryu stamps his hanko down on him!
Kakuryu vs Baruto: Nice work by Baruto! He’s certainly looking good this basho! A grab on the mawashi, and a strong twist throw sends Kakryu kacking his kecks! Baruto 9-1 – Think he’s got a semi chub-chub going on after that one!
Kotooshu vs Yoshikaze: Or should I say, Bertrum vs de Gama? Though needless to say, when the crunch came, kotooshu performed and dominated! All I have to say to de Gama is “go and put the kettle on”.
Tochiozan vs Kaio: Do I need to even watch this bout? I think we all know what’s going to happen. Petty attack from tochiozan, and a slight thank you tap by the old man to send him out. (watches the bout) Kind of what I just said. Except, Tochiozan gives a respective “otsukaresama” bow, and Kaio taps him down.

Hakuho vs Takekaze: I would love to be rooting for the fellow Akitian… However, I don’t think it’s going to happen. Give Take his dues man, he gave him his all and big respect goes to him for that. Though, Hakuho knows what he’s doing. 9-1
And that’s it my friends! Mr Valentine to bring you tomorrow! This should be interesting.

Stay tuned
L. Bertrum

One response to “Kyushu Basho 2010: Day 10

  1. Sean O. Briton-Meyer

    Go Kaio. You’ve done it. You won me over. I am rooting for you to win this basho. I don’t care how you do it; call in all the favors you want. You can probably beat Kotooshu straight up, you might have to crab arm Baruto, and you’ll probably have to sell your testicles to Hakuho.

    The wildcard is Toyonoshima. I don’t know enough about this rikishi to make a prediciton about what will happen when he faces Kaio. Any help?

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