Kyushu Basho 2010: Day 12

So it’s getting close to the end of the basho much to everyone’s dismay. So far it has been quite an exciting one indeed. Hopefully today we will see ranks narrow down and a winner type figure emerge from the dust of the ring. Likely, maybe. Probably not.

Anyways, today for lack of time I will only discuss bouts from people who I like or deem important. Sorry in advance.

Yoshikaze vs. Kyokutenho: For the most part in the last week Yoshi has been getting a raw deal. Fighting higher ranked opponents and sometimes doing relatively well. This time around he is facing a lower rank, and lets see how he fares. The feed was not too clear but it seems that Kyoku henkas a little bit to the side, but it doesn’t affect Yosh too much. Kyoku pushes him to the edge. Yoshi has the mawashi and goes around him pushing Kyoku down for the win.

Shimotori vs. Takekaze: Lets see if the other Brother Kaze can recover from his flop versus Kaio yesterday. I don’t care what anyone thinks Kaio definitely should have lost that one. Regardless, the bout starts with a false start. Over anxious, perhaps. Anways, they meet in the middle for a split sec and Shimo moves to the side. Shimo place an arm on Take’s shoulder/neck areaand seems to try to prevent any solid grip for Take. Take then just basically smacks him in the side of the head. Really loud sound mind you. However Shimo takes advantage to place his hand under his shoulders. This did little good because Take counteracted forcing them to return to the middle of the ring. Once here Take just thrusts/pushes forward until the guy is out. Both wins for the Brothers Kaze.

Hakuba vs. Kaio: What I love about this bout is that I neither respect nor like either of the players here. However for everyone’s sake I am determined to cover at least all the contenders for first, regardless of their so called claim. So anyways, everyone knows what Henkaba is going to do. Kaio is not that old to realize, and Kaio read it perfectly. Henkaba tries to escape once caught half henka but Kaio keeps the pressure on and forces him out. Pretty easy win or pay off….either way a win no less

Toyonoshima vs. Baruto: This is probably the bout I was looking forward to the most; the bout where two contenders end up duking it out. Obviously, one tends to root for the smiley giant, but you never know what can happen. (Just ask Hakuho and/or Kisenosato) I’m rooting on old Bart to snag the basho, so you can see where my bias lies. They rush at each other and hug like two Nagano (or was it Nagoya) bears fearing Creswell’s mighty punch. Right at the beginning you could tell Baruto his a bit too high. He tries to move his arm into a position where he can do something but Toyo is relentlessly pushing Baruto’s chest slowly backwards. Baruto gets a grip and recovers some ground. Since Baruto is a bit higher than Toyo, Bart tries to turn him to the ground. However, Toyo just goes a bit lower. They remain intertwined in the middle of the ring for quite a bit. Baruto makes a power play and pushes strongly to the point where he loses footing and knees the ground. Consider me disappointed.

Hakuho vs. Tochiozan: A quick match for Hakuho. Dare I say sloppy at least for what is expected of Haks. Tochiozan fires himself at the Yokozuna forcing him back. This was allowed to happen because of the harite given by Hakuho. So, as he was being pushed backwards Hakuho grabs Tochi’s arm and throws him to the floor.

So to wrap it up, Hakuho, Kaio, and Toyonoshima are still contending to win with 11-1.

Sorry, Baruto..

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