Kyushu Basho 2010: Day 13

Good day, its nice to finally be plugged into the technological world once again.  Here comes sumo day 13.  Baruto had paid for his win yesterday, but fucked it up.  So we now have 3 rikishi in the yusho race (but not really).   While the Jonokuchi yusho goes to Hakkaku Beya’s Hokutokuni, and the Jonidan yusho going to Kitanoumi Beya’s Fujita.

Down to Makuuchi.

Kasugao v. Tochinonada: Nada shifted to the side after the tachiai, got the left hand inside, and put pressure on Kimchi’s bad knee and pushed him out for the win.  I for one will be glad to see team Korea take a break from makuuchi.

Okinoumi v. Tokitenku: There was a mata here, and Okinoumi’s double nodowa strategy was revealed.  Like a moron he went for it again at the actual tachiai.  Tokitenku got morozashi, and Okinoumi got an armlock on Toki, but wasn’t clamping down hard enough and Tokidoki pulled a tsuridashi out of it.  I have to say Okinoumi hasn’t looked terrible, but he needs one more to keep it in the big show.

Miyabiyama v. Tosayutaka: Tosayutaka took more slaps than Connelly in a karaoke booth featuring all-you-can-drink.   After a missed hatakikomi attempt, there were more slaps, and after the ex-ozeki missed a slap down of his own Tosa got inside and turned a tenuous hold into a win at the bales.

Gagamaru v. Sokokurai:  The one thing Koku should not have done was try to move Gaga back, unfortunately thats what he did… from what I saw today I’d say Sokokurai’s pushing attack can’t budge a push-pop.  That snaps his 10 basho winning streak.

Kyokutenho v. Koryu:  I would have called this for Kyoku any day of the week (including this one), but Koryu managed to get the older Mongolian up and away from the mawashi, then managed morozashi and the yorikiri win.

Shotenro v. Shimotori:  The Bird flew to the side at the tachiai and got a left uwate, then as Shotenro got morozashi, the Bird let loose some furious deashi with a double uwate that Tenro just had no answer for.

Bushuyama v. Kimurayama:  If you want a bout with a sloppy tachiai, impotant, pushing, bad movement and a finish no one cares about, this one’s for you.

Kotokasuga v. Mokonami:  Moko was pumped, but was deflected with push, push X2 + pull.  Hatakikomi for Koto.

Goeido v. Tokusegawa:  Both got the migiyotsu from the get go.  Goeido used the left hand to smack the inside of Toku’s right knee, cause him to lose balance and shift, then used his better footing to drive out Toku.  Hey, Goeido… ah… nevermind, I’ll save my trash talking for next basho when he goes 5-10.

Kokkai v. Takamisakari:  not sure if Kokkai was playing “mother may I” at the tachi ai, but that forward hop was bizarre.  In any event, he was over extended and Taka read it somehow.

Tamawashi v. Takekaze:  Mawashi was not having any of Akita’s push,push, pull nonsense no matter how many times he tried it.

Homasho v. Wakanosato:  Homasho kept on the defensive after a harite from Waka.  Homey had good lateral movement, and good dohyo-kan, while keeping Waka off the belt.  However, he was driven up, and kidney punched to the clay by the older man.

Asasekiryu v. Kotoshogiku:  The Geek started off low with hidari yotsu and took his time getting set up for B-B-B-B-BBBB-Burt Reynolds!

Kisenosato v. Aminishiki:  Big tachiai, the kid pivoted to his left and thrust down the sneaky with little to no trouble.  9 for the kid, 6 for the Sneak.

Kitataiki v. Tochinoshin:  Tochinoshin henka, got his favorite migiyotsu, and took out Taiki.  Men, don’t let your friends do bad sumo.

Aran v. Hakuba:  Tsuridashi by Aran, but Tokitenku’s was more entertaining.

Toyonoshima v. Kakuryu:  Right from the tachiai, Toyo was in low with his shoulder slipped his right hand in Kak’s pit and shit down his mawashi game.  The little guy used his lower frame and some good deashi to keep his share of the lead.  (remember I called his junyusho in the comments a few days back?)

Tochiozan v. Yoshikaze:  The sumo gods have abandonned Tochiozan.  He got moved all over the dohyo, for the first 3/4 of this bout, then brought it back with his right uwate and deashi for an unimpressive yorikiri.

Kotooshu v. Baruto:  I was interested to see how Bart was looking after going down heavily on his good knee and limped out yesterday against Toyonoshima.  Definitive uwatenage.  So I guess the answer was… not much.  I wouldn’t say Kotooshu put ANYTHING into that bout.

Hakuho v. Kaio:  There was no way Kaio was going to win, not this one.  His tachiais have been soft, defensive, and even sideways all basho.  He’s been doing what he has to to win.  Although Hakuho has had a few sloppy bouts this basho, they were only sloppy for Hakuho.  Hakuho had the opposite of his favorite grip and still managed the win with ease.

Now it’s down to two.  Tomorrow things could be decided, or delayed for one more day, or things could get really complicated. If Kaio beats Toyonoshima, and Baruto beats Hakuho (neither are likely), then we are back to a 4 way tie for senshuraku.  Chalmers has you tomorrow, as all the rest of us will be drunk at our bi-monthly gathering.

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