Kyushu Basho 2010: Day 14

Chalmers here with your Day 14 Sumo & Stogies Report.

Toyozakura vs. Miyabiyama.  Miflubbyyama makes short work of Toyo with a push off tachiai followed by the E. Honda hundred hand slap.  Toyo, backpeddling, tries to lean into it only to fall victim to a Tsukiotoshi.  The Flub gets his Kachikoshi!

Sokokurai vs. Tochinonada.  Nothing to look forward to for either wrestler.  Nada quickly overpowers Team China at the tachiai and slaps down for the win, hatakikomi for his 6th win.

Takamisakari vs. Shotenro.  Someone forgot to remind Takamienai that he needed this win.  Robocop stands tall at the tachiai, looking for trouble (and his opponent), takes the tachiai in the chest and there is only one way to move after that: out.  Shotenro with a oshidashi win for his 9th.

Toyohibiki vs. Bushuyama.  George W. takes the tachiai in the face from the Juryo visitor.  Bush struggles for a grip as he is worked back to the bails.  George W. manages to pull of a nice uwatenage, but not before his own knee touched the sand.  Toyo with a yoriatoshi win for his 11th of the tournament and gunning for jun-yusho down in Juryo.

Mokonami vs. Goeido.  The “great Japanese hope of the future” has a good, low tachiai and bitch-slaps the hell out of Moko before getting a good man-hug and sukuinage for his 11th win.  Moko will have to wait till tomorrow for his Kachikoshi.

Okinoumi vs. Tosayutaka.  Okinoumi looking for his katchi today, will have to wait as he takes a high tachiai and and pays for it.  Tosa gets under, and lifts for a textbook uwatenage, over and out.  Tosa with his 9th.

Koryu vs. Shimotori.  Koryu keeps his eye on the prize, solid tachiai and quick to push the Bird back to the bails and out.  Koryu with his first kachikoshi in Makuuchi, oshidashi.

Kotokasuga vs. Gagamaru.  Lady Gaga looking for his kachikoshi against the fukuoka native.  Lady Gaga gets saved by the fat as he gives up a morozashi to Kotokasuga.  Kasuga can’t capitalize and gets walked out while giving free man-hugs.  Lady Gaga with a kimedashi and his kachikoshi.

Kasugao vs. Kimurayama.  Team Korea fights like a bitch with the jumping henka that made me have to double check I wasn’t watching Hakuba.  Kimurayama, making sure he gets a nice demotion, waits for the jumpy Korean to come back to Earth and gets shoved out, oshidashi.  Team Korea with a whopping 4 wins.

Tokitenku vs. Kitataiki.  Toki, feeling charitable after his kachikoshi yesterday, doesn’t bother fighting back as Kitataiki gives the elbow squeeze, kimedashi to 4 wins!

Aminishiki vs. Wakanosato.  The Sneak looking for an easy win and a chance at kachikoshi.  A high tachiai from both, Waka tries a hatakikomi, but can’t pull it off before his feet are in the sand.  The Sneak barely pulls off an oshidashi win for his 7th.

Kokkai vs. Asasekiryu.  Kokkai with a lousy tachiai, gives Asa a solid grip.  Kokkai is not much of a belt fighter and gets manhandled.  Asa with an uwatenage win, but only for his 6th.  Kokkai will have to wait till tomorrow for his 300th makuuchi win.  But will he get it?

Kisenosato vs. Tamawashi.  Kise doing well this tournament, looking for double digits.  After the longest staring contest (which Kise-the-Blink most definitely lost), Kise plays defensive till he can get his left hand in, and gives the ‘ol tug-n-chug to inch Tama over the bails and in the sand.  Kise with number 10.

Kyokutenho vs. Kotoshogiku.  The Geek, with his kachikoshi two days ago, feels charitable and gives the Mongolian a sloppy belt fight.  Recklessly, the Geek charges forward and right into a textbook uwatenage, giving Tenho his kachikoshi.

Aran vs. Homasho.  Cigar Shop out for blood today on his way to his kachikoshi, hopefully tomorrow.  Cigar Shop takes his time at the Tachiai, giving Alan a head start, calculates his hits and makes every one count.  Pushes his way to 7 wins, oshidashi.

Yoshikaze vs. Tochinoshin.  Team Georgia coming out strong… too strong.  Pushes Yoshi way back on the Tachiai and runs after him, only to get the petty slap-down, hikiotoshi puts Yoshi at 7 wins.

Tochiozan vs. Takekaze.  Home Team with nothing to win, backpeddles from the start and ends up on his head as Elvis bullies him out.  Sideburns with his 6th, and not enough to prevent demotion out of his sekiwake seat.  Hopefully not too far down…

Hakuba vs. Kakuryu.  Henkaba attempts a new technique today, “tachiai”, and pays for it as the Kak graciously accepts and pushes Henka out, oshidashi.  The Kak at 7 wins.

Toyonoshima vs. Kaio.  Toyo looking good this tournament and is the only contender for the yusho with Hakuho.  Old Man Kaio gives the senior citizen tachai and gives Toyo a morozashi.  Toyo takes advantage and does a beltless throwdown, katatsukashi puts him at 13 wins and on the heels of Hakuho.

Kotooshu vs. Tokusegawa.  Tokusegawa hoping for his kachikoshi against the ozeki.  Kotooshu with a worthless tachiai, stands up and gives Toku the morozashi.  Tokusegawa takes the step back and sukuinage tosses Oshu off the dohyo.  Toku with his kachikoshi.

Hakuho vs. Baruto.  Bart with his usual “where the hell am I” look as he lines up with the Hak.  Hakuho gets in quick, locks up with the right hand in, and Bart doesn’t stand a chance.  A few chugs and Hakuho puts Bart in his place.  Hakuho with his 13th.

The Hak and Toyonoshima, neck-and-neck for the yusho.  Sir Valentine will tell you how that all works out tomorrow.

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