Juryo Rikishi for January Announced

We have 4 men coming up to juryo from makushita for hatsu. 2 from Kitanofuji-beya and 2 from Tamanoi-beya.  One guy from each heya has been in juryo before, so its really only 2 new comers to the sekitori ranks.  Lets get down to them.

Nionoumi – 24 years old. Kitanoumi beya.  6th kachikoshi in a row.  This pusher/thruster is on his 54th basho, and he’ll be spending it in Juryo.

Kiyoseumi – 26years old. Kitanoumi beya.  Was one of the lucky few to be demoted for gambling.  Scored a 4-3 from Ms1E.  Racked up a 10-5 in Juryo back in May and was promoted to J4, then… well we all know.

Yoshiazuma – Tamanoi beya.  Got a 5-2 from Ms4E.  This 33 year old is in his 90th basho, and his 2nd in juryo.  He was up a J14W back in Kyushu 2007, where he finished 4-11,  but has been pretty consistant since picking up 11 out of a possible 18 kachikoshi

Fujiazuma – 23 years old.  Tamanoi beya.  He has been slamming around in makushita since 2005.  Looks to be mainly a pusher thruster, but can win on the belt when he really needs to.

Looking forward to seeing what these guys can do in Juryo.  By the way now that the shin-sekitori have been announced keep your eyes peeled for our Hatsu Basho Guess the Banzuke Contest.  SHould be up in the “sumo” section within the next few days.

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