Yokozuna Survey

The Asashi Shinbun recently took a poll of its readers to decide the top Yokozuna who were promoted during the Showa and Heisei eras.  Here is the article that shows the basic results.   Here is a basic rundown of their top 11.  Below that is our poll.  Just check the stats and see where they fit.  Tell us what you think and lets see how accurate the numbers are.  Choose your top five from the Yokozuna below and vote.

  1. Chiyonofuji – 2,334
  2. Taiho – 2,131
  3. Wakanohana I – 1,1212
  4. Futabayama
  5. Kitanoumi
  6. Tochinishiki
  7. Takanohana
  8. Hakuho
  9. Kashiwado
  10. Wajima
  11. Asashoryu

4 responses to “Yokozuna Survey

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  2. Here is my top five (in no particular order):


    I think Takanohana should get some love too, but the more I look at the stats, the more I think he might just be the odd man out on that list. I would probably place him sixth: as he definitely had a lot of Yokozunas challenging him while he was on the top of the banzuke too. These five though just seem to be in a class of their own though, in my opinion.


  3. Right with you there Daly, Takanohana had some tough competition in the Yokozuna, Ozeki, and lower sanyaku. I’d really like to see all 6 of those guys go head to head and see who came out on top.

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