2011 Hatsu Basho Banzuke Released

A rare Tuesday release for the banzuke of this, the 2011 Hatsu Basho. Wakakoyu, Toyohibiki, and Toyozakura  return to the Makuuchi Division. Toyonoshima moves up to maegashira numero uno. After his 14-1 performance at Kyushu, I am surprised he isn’t in the sanyaku, but it just goes to show you kids: don’t bet on the Giants (Chalmers). Kisenosato and Kotoshogiku return to the Sekiwake positions. Kaio takes the top Ozeki rank. Ever think about who might be the top 5 best Yokozunas during the Showa and Heisei era’s? We are running a survey to see what the people think? Keep an eye out for other updates from us before the New Year.

The S & S Team

Makuuchi Division

Juryo Division

One response to “2011 Hatsu Basho Banzuke Released

  1. I knew they would shaft Kaisei. But what made them take it so easy on Aran?

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