Miyagino-Oyakata to Step Down

It appears that Miyagino-Oyakata will step down from his post, as a tape has surfaced, supposedly provided by one of the Oyakata’s mistresses, on which the stable master admits that he threw out some money to insure that the bout between Asashoryu and Hakuho in Nagoya 2006 was thrown for Hakuho.  Miyagino-oyakata will be demonted to toshi-yori status, and will possibly be asked to resign, and control of the heya will be passed to Kumagatani-oyakata.

Personally, I see this as something that will not blow over soon.  Lets face it we all know this stuff was happening, but to have it finally confirmed bodes ill for things to come, as well as for attendance and viewership during the hatsu basho.  This is going to have a lasting effect on the sport, and, unfortunately, the way in which Hakuho’s amazing achievements are viewed.  I would hate to see someone put an asterisk next to Hakuho’s 63 win streak, or number of career yusho.

More on this as it develops.

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