Yokozuna Survey Results

Well we’ve given you all a while to ponder this, and here is what we got from our readers.  I think this shows something about what real sumo fans think, and what the Asashi shinbun thinks sumo fans think.  Thanks for the input.  We’ll keep these poll questions coming.


  1. Asashoryu – 10
  2. Taiho – 8
  3. Chiyonifuji/Hakuho – 7
  4. Futabayama/Takanohana – 5
  5. Wakanohana/Akebono – 3

Feel free to suggest any topics you like to see discussed to sumoandstogies@gmail.com and we’ll make sure we tackle the issues as best we can.

the Sumo & Stogies team.

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