Hatsu Wind-up 2011

Well, we’re back to the Hatsu basho.  This is the unofficial one year anniversary of Sumo & Stogies.  As you can see in our Honbasho reports menu bar, our online reports started exactly 1 year ago today.  What will 2011 bring to sumo.  Will we see a “Japanese hope” rise to the challenge and take the faltering Kaio’s place as Ozeki?  Or will the competition be squashed by younger foreign rikishi?  Will Hakuho go on unchalleneged and continue to break records?  Taking both the #1 and #3 spot on the most consecutive wins list.  Will it be Zensho zenyusho (a feat never before accomplished in the 6 tournament ear)?  Or have the sanyaku and lower ranked rikishi located the chinks in the Khan’s seemingly indestructable armor?

How about rest of em?  Who is going to come out of the gates swinging, and who is going to fall flat on their faces?  We want your feed back; here is how you can participate:

  • Comment on this post with your opinions.
  • Email us with sumo-related topic you would like to see debated in our Point/Counter-point discussions.
  • Email us your comments or suggestions for additions you think we can make to the site to improve.

email us at sumoandstogies@gmail.com

the Sumo & Stogies Team

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