Keiko Updates & Some Quotes

Happy Thursday.  To celebrate the momentus weekly occassion I’ll give you some of the latest news from the keikojyo.

Kakuryu – doing some degeiko at Tokitsukaze beya finished the day with an outstanding 22-2, at one point going on a string of 16 straight wins.  When confronted with the harsh truth that he will face Hakuho on day one, the fishy fellow replied “I try not to think too much about it.”

Toyonoshima – said that although he only has 1 win out of 17 with against Hakuho, he’s on the hunt for his 2nd.  Here that Hak?  Tom Thumb is comin’ for you.

Hakuho – Posted a 16-3 record with Kasugano-beya visting Miyagino-beya for degeiko.  The yokozuna said that “I just had some bad luck today, Nothing to be concerned about.”  There has been talk about the sumo world that Hakuho’s knickname is slowly becoming “the Shogun” just as Chiyonofuji was “the Wolf” and Wakanohana I was “Devil of the Dohyo.”  Whatever his nickname will be he certainly is doing a good job of conquering all those harry barbarians.

Kitanofuji when asked about the potential yusho race this basho: “There is no one else besides Hakuho.”

Haurmafuji – Looked strong in keiko and had definitively strong results against his stablemates.   The ozeki claims that he is fully healed from the ankle and shoulder injuries that have plagued him over the last few basho.  Maybe someone got an Ama booster shot at his last physical.

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