Hatsu Basho: Day 3

Day 3 and the yusho is already pretty much in the bag.  All Ozeki have 1 loss except for Harumafuji.  Wonderful.  However, Tokusegawa and  Kotoshogiku have looked good so far, which is something.

  Apologies if this report is a bit scant, but my area of Akita got hit with like 3 feet of snow in 2 days and getting back and forth takes quite a bit of time, so 20 minute drives turn into 1 hour.  On to the report…

Tochinonada shifted Sokokurai’s shoulder blast and smacked a hand into his pit giving him a decent looking tsukiotoshi and a 3-0 start.

In the case of Toyohibiki vs Toyozakura: Zachary just didn’t look on his game today.  Beeker used his slapping attack to dominate Zachary like Zsa Zsa Gabor does to traffic cops.

More trash talking of Demon Kaka.  This time from Murray Johnson.  Apparently the afore mentioned demon (read:douche-bag) claimed Wakakoyu was headed for sanyaku.  To which Murray retorted “Not, the way I see it.”

Whatever the case of Wakakoyu’s future, his sumo today was not sanyaku material, nor was that of his opponent.  Kokkai looked weak and ill-balanced, and Wakakoyu took advantage using a backwards moving hataki.  Kokkai, has been nursing his elbow the past few days, let’s hope (for my fantasy sumo team’s sake) that he makes it through.

Kotokasuga was not looking particularly good today against Kimurayama, who (like always) was thrusting and pulling while moving backward.  Koto temporarily lost balance and provoked a charge from kimura, but Kimura was a bit eager and only got a thrust down for his initiative.

We’re seeing Okinoumi being a bit more aggressive at the tachiai, which is good.  For example, today he came right in with both hands inside and finished Koryu up yorikiri style.

Mokonami came in with a right hand inside against Shimotori, who had a left hand outside.  Shimotori was trying to get that right hand inside, but Nami’s position was too good and he forced the Bird up and out.

Shotenro’s initial thrusting attack against Wakanosato was about as useful as Demon Kaka’s commentary/predictions.  The only thing that this slip up caused (besides laughter) was hidariyotsu and a yorikiri for the veteran.

This next bout was sloppy and not worth anyone’s time.  Takamisakari and Hakuba flailed around in what looked like some kind of capoeira display, it ended with a kubinage win for the boil on the assblister of the hemorrhoid of makuuchi.

Tokitenku tried the old push-pull move on Miyabiyama, but unfortunately for Tenku that is more of Miyabiyama’s game.  Win for the former-ozeki.

Akita’s boy Takekaze got a hold of Kitataiki’s right arm at the tachiai then switched sides favoring the left arm of the Tokyo native for the kotenage.  That’s two good-looking bouts in a row for our hometown hero. 

Tosayutaka took the brunt of Gagamaru’s thrusting attack longer than most would have.  Gaga ended it with a serious of vicious thrusts to the throat.  (not sure if that’s a double entendre or not)

Goeido got immediately inside on Kyokutenho, and Kyoku answered with an outside grip.  Goeido twisted under and around for a nice little uwatedashinage.  I refuse to praise Goeido for doing what he should.  When he’s picking up 10 wins constantly and challenging ozeki and yokozuna, then I’ll start singing his praises.  Until then, f*** that guy.

Asasekiryu got the right hand inside on fellow Mongolian  Tokusegawa at the tachiai.  Toku had a close call with a shitatenage attempt, and turned the tables to yorikiri Asa’s little buddy.  Tokusegawa is looking pretty good this go round at 3-0.

Aran pulled a henka at the tachiai against Homasho.  Homey recovered well, and looked in control, but Aran slipped to the side again and pushed down the cigar store indian.  Aran needs to start doing more straight up sumo.

Kotoshogiku v. Tamawashi: left hand inside, burt reynolds, win for the Geek.  3-0.

Tochiozan did a good job of using hip movement to keep Kisenosato off the belt.  However, as Murray Johnson pointed out, the Kid used to be a straight pusher/thruster, so he’s got no problem finishing things that way, which he did for a 2-1 record.

Yoshikaze just did not have the right stuff today.  Baruto snuffed him out with some resistance, but not much.

Kaio and Tochinoshin….ugh… I don’t even want to talk about this.  Noshin has no business losing to Kaio.  END OF STORY.

Harumafuji came in lower and faster than Kakuryu at the tachiai.  The ozeki had a strong left hand inside grip, set up, and finished off the Kak in textbook style.  Definitely looking stronger this time out. Harumafuji is still in it at 3-0.

Today’s bout against Toyonoshima is a good example of how Kotooshu should be using his height and strength against shorter rikishi.  The finish was a bit sloppy, the gumbai went to Oshu, there was a monoi, and it was decided that Toyo’s foot went out first.  Oshu regains some dignity at 2-1

Hakuho got around Aminishiki like lightning after the tachiai, grabbed his left hand outside and swung Aminishiki into the 5th row.  DEFINITIVE win.

 The morrow will bring Day 4 and the reconciliation of Berturm.

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