Hatsu Basho: Day 4

Well a good day to you my friends! I’m afraid I must start this report with a square apology from myself for letting the readership down with my delays and problems with reporting. Thanks must go to Mister Creswell for picking up the slack here.

Without further adieu, let’s get down to the Sumo. The earlier bouts of the day were pretty disappointing to be honest. It just seemed that weaker opponents were placed against their peers, who were clearly at a much stronger advantage. That said there were two bouts which stood out::

Tochinonada Vs. Toyohibiki: Well I thought this bought was going to be nada for nada! Toyoihibiki went straight for the (no not the nads) but the throat! For a while there, nada was struggling to hold onto the rope, but manages to swing it round, flummoxing the hibi-jibis out of hibiki, grabbing the mawashi and swinging him out of the ring. Well played Sumo by Tochinonada, who now plays undefeated on 4-0.

Shotenro Vs. Shimotori: I felt this bout is worth commenting on, not because it was a particularly spectacular bout, but because it was a bout with spirit. Shotenro clearly wanted this, as was seen by his aggressive premature start. He tries for the Oshidashi but fails, managing to regain his strength for “one last push” he quickly chugs some diesel and manages to finally do it. A deserved bout I feel and a good example of what constant determination can do.

Well what a day this is turning out to be, especially compared with the earlier starting bouts, it seems to be turning out to be a battle of the minds, on who has the strongest will power,  in a rolling commentary on determination here. Takamisakari Vs. Miyabiyama is another clear example. I’m pleased with this, as old Taka ain’t being too great and seems to be more of a middle ranking rikishi. Good on him!

Wakanosato Vs. Tosayutaka: Again, another victory by tenacity as as Wakanosato keeps up the momentum and gets Tosayutaka to the edge, interestingly he must of realised he was on his last burst of steam, so pneumatically “prods” (in a worms world party fashion) Tosayutaka out – giving him a current 4-0 victory.

Rooting for the right honourable fellow from Akita, Takekaze puts on a good show. Largely I think because, he always seems to me like “Sméagol” – a comparatively small, feisty and gutsy wrestler, who always manages to lay on a few surprises! Just when you think Asasekiryu was looking to push with his shoulder, Takekaze switches to win by Tsukiotoshi. Marvellous.

Homasho again, puts on a strong, consistent and solid press against Tokusegawa that gives him the victory at the end.

Kisenosato Vs. Kakuryu: Which way was this bout going to go? The advantage shifted between the two left and right, at first apparently. But not so – Kakryu does manages to push Kisenosato to the edge FOUR times no less, Kisenosato knew what he was doing and just kept swinging it around, he kept his cool and chose his moment to strike. This is one of the things I love in Sumo, the understanding and cool headed ability of the fighters to pick their moments and keep up the pressure.

Baruto Vs. Aminishiki: Now, I don’t think this was one of baruto’s better performances, but it has to be said, he knew what he was doing and kept skipping backwards to win by hatakikomi. Foreigners in Sumo received a lot of flak generally, (the last year aside) but as for the jolly giant. What a gent, after sending that guy out the ring, he picks up his fallen tassels and hands them back.

The last bouts of the day were not really worth commenting on, save this: kaio keeps to his dirty tricks of keeping the coin purse loose and Harumafuji keeps to his dirty style of fighting by going for the throat. The only one who had true warrant to win was Hakuo, who had an easy win against Tochinoshin (who aint looking too hot this basho might I add) and maintains his current undefeated record on 4-0

That’s it for me today folks! Apart from the start it’s been one of the more interesting day’ I’ve reported upon, and a great example of what willpower and mastery of technique can achieve when you put your mind to it!

Follow by their Lead and Example

L. Bertrum

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