Hatsu Basho: Day 5

Winter this year in Akita is trying hard to balance things out from the excessively hot summer we had last year. It’s snowed every day since Heisei incremented to the year 23. After shovelling snow for the first few days I gave up as I was missing 30 minutes of sumo every day. My apt building now resembles something like a large Kamakura!

Kokkai v Toyozakura
These are two guy taking the express way back to juryo. I’ll be happy to see Kokkai gone, he’s been unimpressive since 2008. At the tachi-ai Toyo henka’d to his left and got a touch of a mawashi, Kok tried to adjust but was met with two hands to the back of his head, before being sent to the dirt. Fight time 1.5 seconds. Henka count #1.

Sokokurai v Kimurayama
I’ve said this before, but I really like Sokokurai. I think he has a lot of potential, and he is strong. I look forward to seeing him develop during 2011. Kimurayama had moving to his left well planned out, as soon as contact was made, he was heading left, but he didn’t get a grip on the mawashi. After some slight tsuppari Soko grabbed his opponents arm and pulled him off balance long enough to get a solid grip on the mawashi. From here he used the strength I was speaking of and easily forced this Yama across the whole width of the dohyo and out. Good stuff from the China man. Fight time 13 sec.

Wakakoyu v Tochinonada
Tochi came into this fight without a loss. And was hungry for another win. But Waka had other plans and came out of the tachi-ai with a whack standing Tochi up straight and having him moving backwards. But Tochi managed to brush Wak’s to the side and he found time to dig in. And after Waka tried a few failed pull downs, and almost fell over after overextending himself with a push to the throat both wrestlers separated. Waka recharged and went in for another high tackle, again Tochi brushed him to the side and watched Waka fall to the clay. Fight time 11 sec.

Koryu v Kotokasuga
Koryu reminded me a lot of Chiyotaikai on a day when he was having a good day. He came out with a great tsuppari attack and always moved forward, overpowering Kotokasuga back and out in 3 sec.

Shotenro v Mokonami
Not much skill exhibited in this fight, but both fighters used all power and they pushed straight into each other. Shotenro had more power! 4 sec.

Miyabiyama v Shimotori
Miyabi tried to set up his usual winning technique of pushing his opponent up and then pulling him down. It kindof worked that way, but Shimotori stumbled making it easier for the big man than expected. 5 sec.

At this point in sumo a very attractive girl in a blue top sat down behind the East side of the ring. I’m not sure those of you who watched sumo noticed or not but this girl was absolutely beautiful! And I found myself supporting all rikishi on the east side from this point forward. The beautiful girl from the East.

Hakuba v Wakanosato
Well maybe I didn’t support ALL rikishi in the east side. Henkaba started the next bout in real Henkaba style. Luckily Wakanosato had wikipedia’d Henkaba beforehand and read up about this snake. The new AmiSneaky tried to pull on Satos arm but said arm was retracted quickly and the snake found himself backpeddling until his legs folded and he found himself on his back with Waka looking straight into his scaly eyes. I always love seeing a guy lose after attempting a henka. 5 sec. Henka count #2

Kitataiki v Takamisakari
Kitataiki quickly found himself with an inside right and outer left hand grip while Taka had a strong left grip. Taka tried a great throw with almost toppled Kita, but just in time wrapped his right leg around Takas left to avoid the throw. Excellent move and immediately after Kita launched his yorikiri attack that put my lady and blue back on for us all to ogle. 12 sec.

Takekaze v Tokitenku
Tokitenku bitch-slapped our local dwarf at the tachai today. It gained him a good right hand frontal grip on Take’s belt which he never relinquished. Take had his hand on Toki knee for a while but didn’t seem to do anything except maybe cause Toki to question what the hell was going on; it had the same effect on me. A slight stalemate pursued until Toki got a better grip with his left and yorikiri’d Take back and out. 20 sec.

Kyokutenho v Tosayutaka
Tosayutaka had a great fight against a sleeping Kyokutenho today. He got a double handed inside body grip, and without putting a hand on Kyoku’s belt bellied him over the straw. 6 sec.

Goeido v Gagamaru
Goeido burned little calories defeating the overgrown Turkey today. The clashed once, twice and then Goeido slapped on Gaga outstretched wings which sent him down to scratch at the soil. 2.5 sec .
And speaking of birds, my bluebird appeared again!

Homasho v Asasekiryu
A great fight between two fairly equally matched guys. Both men locked up after the tachi-ai and remained locked for quite a while before separating. A few pushes to the face were exchanged before Homasho tried to get in and straight up headbutted Asasekiryu! The clash of heads was easily heard, sent a cheer throughout the kokugikan, and definitely didn’t go unnoticed by Asasekiryu! More face pushing and clashing of heads went on as Homasho intensified his efforts, until his victory came via oshidashi. I loved during the replay when Ross Mihara counted out the 5 headbutts that took place. Great fight! 20 sec. Another east victory, Yosssshi!
She has a really beautiful smile.

Aran v Tokusegawa
A migiyotsu affair between these two guys that definitely burned a lot of calories, how many I can’t be sure, but I reckon more than I have burned since Monday. I do love this kind of fight though, when both wrestlers are trying to lift the other off the ground, and the advantage sways back and forth between the two. Tokusegawa tried to hook Arans leg at one point and he almost succeeded but Aran recovered and pulled a gem of a move to win via shitatehineri, a move that isn’t so common. Look it up! 34 sec.
Another East victory… Happy Days!!

Kakuryu v Kotoshogiku
Kotoshogiku has been looking well this basho. But Kakuryu won the tachi-ai, neutralizing Kotoshogiku who slipped slightly and if the Kak had reacted faster he could possibly have slapped him to the clay. But he kept with forward moving sumo and got a morozashi grip and got the Geek moving backwards, from which he never recovered. To beat Kotoshogiku at the kaichi-ai and you’re more than likely going to win. Let him into his favourite position and you very unlikely to survive his speciality yorikiri. Great work by the Kak today who got his first win after a very tough 4 days. 5 sec.
Lady time!!

Kisenosato v Aminishiki
This started with a false start. It’s interesting that after a false start the guy who goes early makes some gestures at the other guy. And I can never understand if he’s saying “why the hell didn’t you go when I went?” or “Sorry about dat”! Is it just me? Anyway Sneakyballs decided not to henka today and instead took a grip on the front of the Kids belt. But Ami was pushed back to the bales and then thrown to the dirt in 4 sec. That was Kisenosato’s 300th win,bBut more importantly than that, another East victory.
I wonder is she famous!?

Tochiozan v Harumafuji
On to the Ozeki fights and Harry came out today without a plan. Ozan pushed the Ozeki back to the straw and and then around the ring before pushing Harry out for a yorikiri win. Interestingly during the 10 sec affair neither rikishi got a hand on a belt. Possibly that was Ozan’s intention as he had the opportunity but taking it would have surrendered his own. In the end it seems like it was a good decision. That was Tochiozans 2nd win, but it’s interesting to note that both wins came via Ozeki!
This girl is beautiful!

Kotooshu v Tamawashi
Kotooshu made easy work of Tamawashi today. After securing a left outer grip he spun Tama around and down via shitadashinage in under 4 sec.
Back to Ease Side! Ok so this might be a long shot, but does anyone know who she is?

Tochinoshin v Baruto
After a hard tachi-ai both Europeans settled into a migiyotsu position. Baruto decided he wanted to get his left hand inside and as soon as he tried Tochinoshin pushed hard and looked, for a split second, like he had a chance. That chance faded and Bart went back to the outer grip. Both men then tried to lift each other and the excitement grew. But Bart quickly used his left leg to nudge Shins right leg off balance and then quickly escorted him out. 26 sec. That was the first west victories in 8 fights, so no ogling this time.

Kaio v Toyonoshima
I’ve said before that I don’t like Kaio anymore. And this is still true. But I do think that he is winning legitimately recently. He is using the deadly arm breaker move more often, but I think he is fighting more convincingly recently. Am I alone with this opinion?
Today he was fighting the deady Toyonoshima! The guy who almost stole the emperors cup from Hakuho last basho… haha! At the tachi-ai Kaio arm locked Toyo into a submission that allowed him to be swung around and set up for a relatively easy yorikiri. The crowd erupts, Kaio realises that he will definitely be around until at least May, as he will pick up 4 more wins this basho. 5 seconds and the lady is still smiling!

Hakuho v Yoshikaze
I’m sure Hakuho didn’t lose much sleep today fearing his fight with Yoshikaze. But you gotta love the way the TV commentators try to build up the tension anyway! I guess that is one of the reasons why I will never be a commentator. “Yoshikaze doesn’t have a snowballs chance in Hell. Hey Ross, check out that girl in blue!”
Anyway, I don’t believe there was any reason for Hakuho to sweat it over Yoshikaze, but what I would recommend to the Yokozuna is that he makes sure that his opponent is defeated before he looks away assuming that he has won!! As the overranked M2 charged at the Yokozuna after the initial clash, Hakuho pushed down on his head and Yoshi spun around the back of Hakuho. And as Hakuho kept looking forward with a oh-how-I-wish-someone-was-here-to-challenge- me-once-in-a-while look on his face he felt his right leg being lifted up and only then realised that the fight was still on! Within a flash he pushed Yoshikaze to the ground, but it was a little sloppy from the Yokozuna today! 4 sec.

I’m off to dream about my lady in blue.

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