Hatsu Basho: Day 6

Chalmers here with your Day 6 action.

Kokkai vs. Toyohibiki.  Kokkai, looking sad this tournament, starts off with his classic backwards moving tachiai.  Easy shove out and Toyo puts Kokkai in the sand.  Toyohibiki, yoriatoshi win.

Wakakoyu vs. Sokokurai.  Wakakoyu using his size advantage, opens with the hundred hand slap.  After that doesn’t work, and they wrap up, Waka with an easy side step and slap down.  Wakakoyu, katasukashi win.

Toyozakura vs. Kotokasuga.  Toyozakura with a less than admirable tachiai is easily pushed out.  Kotokasuga, oshidashi win.

Koryu vs. Tochinonada.  Nada hooks his arm under Koryu’s shoulder at the tachiai and a quick turn seals the deal.  Tochinonada, sukuinage win.

Kimurayama vs. Shimotori.  The Bird, too tall for his own good, gets stood up with a flurry of slaps up in the chin from Kimu all the way to the bails and out.  Kimurayama, oshidashi win.

Miyabiyama vs. Okinoumi.  The Flub too slow for the Heartbreak Kid, can’t get his arms up before Oki is all up in his business.  Oki gets the belt and the rest is in the books.  Okinoumi, yorikiri win.

Mokonami vs. Hakuba.  Henkaba tries, and fails.  Mokonami overpowers Henka to the bails and tosses him to the sand.  Mokonami, uwatenage win.

Takamisakari vs. Shotenro.  Robocop and Shoten exchange false starts until the gyoji gets tired of calling it and lets Shoten start while Robocop is still trying to figure out where he is.  Before Robo knows it, the match is over and he is standing on the wrong side of the bails.  Shotenro, yorikiri win.

Kitataiki vs. Wakanosato. Waka slapping strong at the tachiai, but then unable to finish at the bails as Waka skips to the side.  The two change places on the bails and Waka gets walked out.  Kitataiki, yorikiri win.

Takekaze vs. Tosayukata.  Home Team showing some good footwork the whole match to stay on top of Tosa.  Home Team able to get under Tosa’s arm and turn him over, end over end.  In WWF fashion, Home Team executes the sumo version of the Undertakers Tombstone finisher and puts Tosa’s head into the clay!  Takekaze, sukuinage win.

Tokitenku vs. Gagamaru.  Lady Gaga looking sad to day as the veteran Mongol slips past him and throws him to the clay by his mawashi knot.  Tokitenku, shitatenage win.

Goeido vs. Asasekiryu.  Solid tachia and Asa gets Goeido back peddling.  Goeido hits the bails and turns, hooking the arm and letting Asa show himself the door.  Goeido, sukuinage win.

Kyokutenho vs. Tokusegawa.  Kyoku’s height used against him as Toku, just a belly shorter, inches Kyoku to the edge and out.  Tokusegawa, yorikiri win.

Yoshikaze vs. Aminishiki.  A straight up tachiai and the Sneak starts running backwards.  What looked like a sure win for Yoshi, the Sneak make a desperate slap down as he jumps off the dohyo.  The judges call in favor of the Sneak as Yoshi’s elbow goes down as the Sneak is still flying off the ring.  Aminishiki, hatakikomi win.

Toyonoshima vs. Kakuryu.  The Kak with his signature boxing style, pummels Toyo around the ring and out.  Kakuryu, tsukidashi win.

Kisenosato vs. Kotoshogiku.  The Blink hoping to have a good showing this tournament, hits hard and wraps up with the Geek (the wrong card to play).  The Geek gets his unbeatable hug-n-chug, and that’s all she wrote.  No hope for Kise as he falls to 4-2.  Kotoshogiku, 5-1 yorikiri win.

Kaio vs. Homasho.  No mercy from Cigar shop as he keeps Old Man Kaio at bay with his freakishly long arms.  Kaio gasses out and Cigar shop lays him to rest in the sand.  Homasho, sukuinage win.

Tamawashi vs. Harumafuji.  King Tama brings his game as he school-yard bullys the Ozeki out of the ring and into the lap of ‘ol Bart.  (Some photos for blackmail followed… watch the replay in slow-mo).  Tamawashi, oshitaoshi win.

Kotooshu vs. Tochinoshin.  Noshin looks strong in the beginning, but gets outmuscled as the two wrap up.  Noshin without enough gas, gets walked back, hits the bails, and thrown down Kotooshu, uwatedashinage win.

Tochiozan vs. Baruto.  Elvis taking the giant, head on for a solid tachiai.  Baruto able to get Elvis up high and walking backwards.  Bad ring sense on Elvis’ part as he steps out.  Baruto, kotenage win.

Hakuho vs. Aran.  Aran able to stop the Yokozuna at the tachiai, but that is as far as he goes.  Hakuho waits for his opening and takes a double inside grip.  Pick up and walk out puts the yokozuna at 6-0.  Hakuho, yorikiri win.

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