Hatsu Basho: Day 7

Leon here to bring you Day 7 of the basho..

Whereas my earlier report on Day 4, I was impressed by the amount of will-power, mind over
body battling that went on, today is a stark contrast. Today is marked by the sheer brute force
and ignorance at the start of the bouts, as the wrestlers go at each other pell-mell.

The first interesting bout of the day would be Toyohibiki vz. Kotokasuga. Both wrestlers tried to shove each other out of the ring with their sheer force and leg strength. I’m starting to warm to Toyhibiki and he may become a wrestler to watch in the future. He currently stands on 4-3 with his Oshidashi. He faces Wakakoyu tomorrow and it should be a bout worth watching. Both stand on 4-3 and both seem quite evenly matched.

Again, Okinoumi Vs Kimurayama. You can clearly see the dominance of skill and pressure placed on by Okinoumi, who currently stands 5-2. He’s also performing well at the moment.

Tochinonada vs. Mokonami. Well, Tochinonada is showing some impressive stuff during this basho, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes out. Currently at 7-0, undefetad, and wins by throwing Mokonami down with an impressive uwatenage. I wouldn’t be surprised if he feels that one in the morning!

Hakuba Vs. Miyabiyama. An fair matched played as both wrestlers (and former Ozeki Miyabiyama) on Makuuchi 10. Interesting turn of events in this bout. Miyabiyama is perhaps the more experienced and larger of the two, and yet Hakuba pushed him out in the way he himself was perhaps meant to go. Good on.

Takamisakari Vs. Wakanosato. A big hit taken by Takamisakari, which he never recovered from. It enabled Wakanosato to get in under him and push him and over. 13th consecutive loss for Takamisikari against that guy…

Tochinoshin Vs Homasho: A first win in this Basho by Tochinoshin. Both men really wanted this win, and were gunning for it to a barrage of grunts. A long bout, which Tochinoshin managed to secure his favourite style of fighting, with the outsde left hand grip. Once he got that, it was in the bag.

Baruto Vs. Tamawashi. Not much of a bout, but worth noting that the jolly giant is on 6-1.

Old man Kaio Vs. Kakuryu: In the blink of an eye, Kakuryu whips round, getting to the side of Kaio and assisting him in going out of the ring. Obviously the purse was closed this day for him!

Kotooshu Vs. Yoshikaze. Yoshikaze not looking so hot this basho, somhow manages to get his head stuck in the armpit of kotooshu who manages to throw him down with an uwatenage. Kotooshu on 6-1, Yoshikaze still failing to secure a win…

Hakuho Vs. Tochizan: Almost looked in shock when hakuho slipped with his foot on the dohyo. However, you can see the skill being used as he manages to not only keep on the pressure, but also recover from his mistake. Hakuho still on a clean slate 7-0.

A very interesting day this has been, summed up in one word: aggressive. Been a fair number of oshidashi’s for the big push and a real excitement as not one bout was really a stalemate or a bore to watch. Great stuff

L. Bertrum

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