Hatsu Basho: Nakabi, Day 8

As yesterday was Sunday, from 1 pm the Creswell household was dominated by 2 things: sumo and whisky.  The whisky, as always, was wonderful.  Some of the sumo left a little bit to be desired, but there were some exciting bouts.  I watched from sandanme up through makuuchi and, except for bouts i missed due to bathroom breaks, food preparation, and refilling my whiskey, there wasn’t anything overly ground breaking up until makuuchi.

We did have 3 possible injuries though.  Kanbayashi took quite a while to get up after an oshidashi on Kaonishiki, and was escorted out via wheelchair.  After that I believe it was Masunoyama who fell pretty hard after a Daido sukuinage, slamming his knee on the dohyo in the process, he exited by wheelchair as well.  Lastly was Sakaizawa who looked to have possibly dislocated a finger whilst securing his win against Bushuyama.  We’ll keep you updated as we hear about their conditions.

Now onto the big show.  I always like hearing Murray Johnson and Doreen Simmons commentate.  When Takamisakari stepped up for the Dohyo-iri all Doreen said was “Robocop”.  We also had Sanoyama and Tamanoi oyakatas (former ozekis Chiyotaikai and Tochiazuma) in the booth talking about who out of Tochiozan, Kotoshogiku, Kakuryu, and Kisenosato will be the next Ozeki.  Tamanoi said Kisenoato, but Sanoyama said “no one, at least not yet”  I think I agree with Sanoyama, these guys are still a bit hot and cold (as we are seeing now.)

Wakakoyu v Toyohibiki – There was quite the staring match here, followed by a great tachiai by both rikishi.  Waka controlled the bout though, and as Beeker made his advance, Waka used Beeker’s momentum for a pull down. (W 5-3, T 4-4)

Sokokurai v Kotokasuga –  Kokurai was high at the tachiai against Koto, but managed to rally into a half stance with a left hand inside.  Koto was able to pull the smaller man in and lift him up to break his balance and got the yorikiri. (S 5-3, K 4-4)

Koryu v Mokonami – I don’t know what Koryu was thinking here.  He started the tachiai with a slight push then…went for the belt.  A stauch pusher thruster going for the belt of a guy who makes the belt his bread and butter.  Easy day at the uwatenage factory for Moko. (K 3-5, M 5-3)

Doreen simmons quote of the day: “It was a little short, and he couldn’t get it up…” ~on Shotenro(‘s mage) during his younger days.

Shotenro v Tochinonada – Nada must have psyched himself out because Tenro’s shoulder took him out post haste.  Still, best Makuuchi start for Nada. (S 5-3, T 7-1)

Toyozakura v Shimotori – Zakary started in with some tsuppari, then immediately shifted to the side, and gave a quick pull, sending the bird to the clay. Neither rikishi looking good this year.(T 2-6, S 1-7)

Kokkai v Hakuba – Slimy-ass henka by the reigning henka queen, into maemitsu.  Kokkai was just to compromised by injuries to prevent Hakuba from pushing him up and out. (K 2-6, H 4-4)

Kimurayama v Wakanosato – Kimura also henka-ed and came in with a nodowa.  Both were struggling for position, Kimura alternating pushing and pulling, whilst Waka was sniffing around for the belt.  Once Waka finds the belt on guys like this, its over, such was the case today.  (K 3-5, W 7-1)

Another memorable Doreen quote:  “The JSA is trying to attract new fans, but they end up treating the old fans like dirt.” ~on the new enforcement policy of the Kokugikan seating rule.  Right on Doreen.

 Takekaze v Okinoumi – Our hometown boy squirted out the next henka, but Casanova wasn’t phased.  Take’s short arms allowed the Hearthrob to get inside for a neck hold, which he traded up for the kotenage and the win. (T 4-4, O 6-2)

Miyabiyama v Tosayutaka – Miyabiyama looked pretty limp today.  He was bested at his own pushing game buy TosaU.  People up here would recommend turtle blood for a problem like that.  (both rikishi 3-5)

Kyokutenho v Tokitenku – After the tachiai both rikishi locked up with belt grips.  Tokitenku pulled an nice uchigake to throw the older man off balance and win the bout. It’s getting rarer and rarer that Toki connects with his leg waza these days. (K 2-6, T 4-4)

Takamisakari v Gagamaru – Remeber that episdoe of Seinfeld where Geroge knocked all those people over trying to get out of the kids birthday party because he thought there was a fire?  Today Gaga was Costanza and Taka was the old woman in the walker. (both at 3-5)

Kitataiki v Asasekiryu   – this bout was long and varied.  Asa II henka-ed, but it had little to no effect.  Kita picked up a belt grip, Asa shortly followed.  Asa set up for a throw, but Kita resisted, in doing so Kita’s belt grip was broken.  The two grappled for position trying pretty much every kihonwaza in the book, before Kita ran out of real estate.  Oshidashi for team Mongolia. (K 5-3, A 2-6)

Goeido v Yoshikaze – A decent tachiai from Goeido was answered by a slap-happy Yoshi.  Goeido patiently resisted the slaps and moved pretty decently.  This is the kind of stuff we should see from Goeido all the time. Makekoshi for Yoshi. (G 5-3, Y 0-8)

Tochinoshin v Aminishiki – Sneaky snuck to the side at the tachiai and caught noshin with a Nodowa, otsuke/hazuoshi triple combo, and pushed him up and out.  Both of these guys are struggling this basho (T 1-7, A 3-5)

Tochiozan v Kakuryu – Even rivalry between these guys and they tend to come in sets.  Kakuryu went in with some tsuppari and pushing, slipped to the side, and slapped down Ozan. Kakuryu looking only slightly better that Ozan.  (T 2-6, K 4-4) 

Toyonoshima v Kotoshogiku – This rivalry heavily favors Kotoshogiku.  As usual Toyonoshima went in from the tachiai looking for morozashi, but the Geek was able to lock him up and escorted him out with dignity intact, no need for the old burt reynolds. (mirror records T 1-07, K 7-1)

Kotooshu v Kisenosato – These guys used to have a rivalry back in the lower ranks.  But since they’ve gotten to Makuuchi Kotooshu has had the edge.  Kotooshu got the yorikiri today, but the Kid made him work for it.  Kise lost his lefthand inside grip the he got from the start, but maintained his righthand outside.  He tried twice for the throw, but on the second (desperation) attempt, he put his foot outside the ring.  He needs to find a way to get around Kotooshu’s height advantage. (Ko 7-1, Ki 5-3)

Murray Johnson quote of the day: “I think he looks more like a cigar store indian” ~in response to Doreen Simmons saying Homasho looks Egyptian.  Glad you agree with us Murray. 

Homasho v Baruto – Homasho set up really far back and charged in more agressively than usual for him, but Baruto’s abnormally long arms were enough to keep Homey at bay and eventually force him out. (CSI 4-4, B 7-1). 

p.s. Murray if you’re reading our stuff, Do you even have cigar store indians in Australia?  Anyway, thanks for the little bump, this next glass of Bowmore is for you, cheers.

Kaio v Aran – Aran had a decent tachiai and the hidariyotsu, but didn’t keep Kaio away from the belt.  I’m done talking about this one. (K 5-3, A 3-5)

Tokusegawa v Harumafuji – I don’t know what Harumafuji ate Sunday morning, but he needs to eat it again today, and he needs to give some to Miyabiyama.  the Ozeki looked more like Ama than he has been recently.  Haruma blasted in with a classic nodowa, grabbed the belt, and with 3 motions had the bigger Tokusegawa out via tsuridashi.  Great bout.  (T 5-3, H 6-2)

Hakuho v Tamawashi – No surprises.  Slap,push, slap down.  Hakuho’s tachiai is a thing of beauty, and I’m glad to see him using a bit more agression in the ring this basho.  He has had a few sloppy moments, but it’s more exciting to watch.

You have the gentle giant Sterling Brown to bring you the down and dirty from day 9 tomorrow.

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