Hatsu Basho Day 9

This is Brown bringing in Day 9 first Basho of the New Year. I personally found today’s basho to be filled with surprises and very little disappointment.

Takekaze vs Shotenro

Looking to get his fifth win today, Takekaze looks like he was all ready to win but even with a direct head-butt to Shotenro, Takekaze fell with the wind as Shotenro pushed him down with a Hikiotoshi.

Kyokutenho vs Takamisakari

No matter how often this man is defeated, Takamisakari is the only man I know what can do it in style!  Today’s match is no different.  With a weak tachi-ai, Kyukutenho had Takamisakari on the rope in no time flat, but that did not stop Takamisakari from turning the tables and nearly pushing his opponent out. Unfortunately Kyokutenho was able to simply take him out with a Yorikiri.

Aran vs Yoshikaze

The winless Yoshikaze and the man having difficulty moving forward had a bout I felt worth talking about. After hitting the trigger a little too early, Aran quickly made up for that with great thrusts to the smaller Yoshikaze kept his distance and waited for the right moment and when it came, Yoshikaze with the agility equal to that of a matador gingerly flipped the 4-4 Aran with a hatakikomi

Kotooshu vs Tokusegawa

Tension was running high with Kotooshu and Tokusegawa with the first match against the 2 left Koto flying out of the ring. They slam into each other trying get the best grip. Kotooshu obtains the grip needed to take his revenge on Tokusegawa and win with a Yorikiri and maintains the second place ranking for this basho.

Harumafuji vs Baruto

These 2 ozeki are polar opposites of each other when it comes to size but that did not stop Harumafuji in their previous 17 matches. While being no strangers to each other, the two square up and give us a great tachi-ai. With Baruto’s strength pushing Harumafuji towards the rope and Harumafuji’s agility bringing him back to the middle, Harumafuji was close to winning when he successfully brings Baruto to the ropes and breaks his balance, with the large man barely standing up, Baruto regains his balance to a great surprise to the audience and more so his opponent, Baruto gives Harumafuji a few more thrust to throw him out of the ring with a oshitaoshi and maintaining second place as well.

Hakuho vs Homasho

With Homasho’s current standing in the Basho one can only imagine the outcome of this bout. To the surprise of everyone watching this bout can tell you this was a very close win for the under-dog Homasho. Starting with a strong tachi-ai Hakuho could not get a strong grip on Homasho. Homasho was able to push away and make the Yokozuna break his balance for a brief second one would have thought Homasho would have been the winner but the Yokozuna regain his balance and beat Homasho with a tsukiotoshi.

Best bout of the day:

Though I enjoyed the final bout, my favorite today had to be the Harumafuji vs Baruto bout. I personally wanted the smaller man to win but even with his loss, this bout clearly shows that size is not always the most important thing when it comes to sumo.

Disappointing bout of the day:

Though I love Akita’s best, whenever I see him lose in such a way it makes me consider moving to Mongolia and cheer on the real guys. Takekaze really needs to step up his game, if this guy wants to play with the big boys then he needs to start showing that he can.

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