Hatsu Basho Day 13

Chalmers here with your Hatsu Basho day 13 wrap up.

Koryu vs. Wakakoyu.  Knockin noggins at the tachiai, the two proceed to slap the hell out of each other before Koryu gets around behind Waka and gives it to him hard.  Koryu with an okuridashi win to 7-6.

Okinoumi vs. Hakuba.  Henkaba gives a stand-up tachiai, gets shoved to the bails in a hurry.  A last-ditch pirouette not enough to escape the dashing Okinoumi and Henka pirouettes his way out.  Okunoumi wins, oshidashi, to put him at 11-2.

Miyabiyama vs. Mokonami.  Flubby puts up a good tsupari fight until Moko catches his belt.  After a lot of standing around, a hard push and a quick side step puts Flubby down.  Mokonami uwatenage win to 7-6.

Toyohibiki vs. Wakanosato.  The Beak, never taking a step back, bulls Waka over and out.  The Beak, oshitaoshi to 9-4.

Takamisakari vs. Kimurayama.  Robocop, gets pummeled at the start, and then all the way to the bails before a perfectly executed slippery salmon.  The new Slippery Salmon of Makuuchi wiggles and shimmys his way around Kimurayama for an easy push out.  Robo-Slippery Salmon-Cop, okuridashi, lives to see… squint at another day.

Toyozakura vs. Tokitenku.  Toyozakura hits hard at the tachiai and simply trucks the Mongol back to the bails and out.  Toyozakura, gaining nothing but satisfaction, hands out a free makekoshi to team Mongol, oshidashi.

Kitataiki vs. Tochinonada.   Super solid hit at the tachiai from Kita sends Nada standing straight up.  A couple more pushes and Nada finds himself out of the ring and out of Makuuchi.  Kitataiki catches some charity and ekes out a tsukidashi win to 7-6.

Sokokurai vs. Tosayutaka.  Tosayutaka looking on fire today, hits hard and goes immediately for the belt.  Team China able to shake off one morozashi, but not two.  Tosa gets both hands around and on the back of the mawashi, lifts up China and walks him out.  Tosa holds on another day, tsuridashi.

Takekaze vs. Kokkai.  Home Team with an eerie patience about him today, takes his time putting his hands down and blasts off the line to catch Kokkai’s arms down.  Home team deliberately takes a right hand out grip and text book overhand belt throw to put Georgia in the sand.  Home Team keeps on truckin, uwatenage to 6-7.

Shotenro vs. Gagamaru.  Lady Gaga never looks up as he meets Shoten at the line and is easily and shamefully slapped down.  Shoten hands the Lady a makekoshi, hikiotoshi.

Kyokutenho vs. Kotokasuga. Team Mongol with a high tachiai gives up the morozashi grip and the match by easy walk out.  Kotokasuga sends the Mongol down in the ranks, yorikiri.

Shimotori vs. Asasekiryu.  The Bird, too tall for his own good, hits high and pays for it.  Asa getting low and holding on, left hand in, easy and inevitable walk out.  Asasekiryu, yorikiri win, gets one step closer to his kachikoshi.

Tochinoshin vs. Yoshikaze.  Somebody had to win. Noshin by yoritaoshi.

Goeido vs. Aminishiki.  Goeido sports baby blue, and the Sneak sporting bad judgment.  A poorly executed back-peddling technique costs the Sneak the match and will push him further down the banzuke.  Goeido knocks out the Sneak, oshidashi.

Toyonoshima vs. Aran.  Aran puts up the worst tachiai of the day, stands straight up and and lets Toyo get two hands in.  Toyo avoids kotenage attempt and holds on long enough for Alan to walk himself out.  Toyo hands Alan his 3rd straight makekoshi via yorikiri.

Tokusegawa vs. Kakuryu.  A great tachiai pushes the Kak back and they lock up, left hand in.  The Kak makes the first mistake and loses his inside grip.  Toku muscles the rest of the way to his Kachikoshi.  The first kachikoshi of the day goes to Tokusegawa as he betrays his fellow Mongol, yorikiri.

Tochiozan vs. Tamawashi.  Elvis with a quick tachiai, deflects King Tama off to the side and gets behind.  With a little more help, Elvis takes the win and King Tama’s dignity.  Tochiozan spreading the misery, oshidashi.

Homasho vs. Kotoshogiku.  The Geek hits hard and never looks back.  A great tachiai and cigar shop slides back and is quickly pushed out.The Geek smoking Cigar Shop for his 10th win of the tournament.

Kisenosato vs. Baruto.  Bart brings back the double-hand chin-up hit at the tachiai and it pays of.  Bart gets the Blink back to the bails, a right hand out grip, and puts the Blink in the sand.  Bart pulls out of his slump, yoritaoshi.

Kaio vs. Harumafuji.  Like downing the ball for a touchback, Old Man Kaio touches at the tachiai and put his hands down on the clay, leaving the commentators suspicious.  The old man spreading the kachikoshi’s after recieveing his yesterday, uwatedashinage.

Hakuho vs. Kotooshu.  Hakuho with an unusual sidestep a the tachiai, gets a scare when Kotooshu pushes him back and gets a good grip.  Kotooshu makes the mistake of trying to wait the Yokozuna out and Hakuho just does what he does: gets his right hand in, does the shimmy and walks Kotooshu out.  Classic Hakuho, yorikiri, to wrap up a day’s work.

That’s all for day 13!  Daly with Day 14, coming soon!

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