Yusho and Special Prize Round-up

Well, that’s another basho down, and the first of what we all hope will be a better year for sumo.  I’ll leave the complaints and contemplations for the wrap-up, which should be squeezed out by the end of this week.  Down to business.


  • Makuuchi : EY Hakuho (14-1) 18th
  • Juryo: EJ2 Kasugao (12-3) 2nd
  •  Makushita: Wm51 Matsutani (7-0) 1st
  • Sandanme: Wj13 Byakkou (7-0) 1st
  • Jonidan: Wj43 Gonoumi (7-0) 1st
  • Jonokuchi: Wj24 Ikeru (7-0) 1st (only 2nd basho in sumo)

Special Prize Winners

  •  Oustanding Performance: ES Kisenosato 4th
  • Technique: WS Kotoshogiku 3rd
  • Fighting Spirit: EM10 Okinoumi 1st

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