NHK Pulls the Plug…on the Disabled

   NHK announced on Thursday evening they would be canceling the 44th annual NHK Welfare Sumo exhibition, scheduled on Friday 11 February.  The exhibition is a televised charity event, and NHK is always proud to announce that they proceeds go to funding equipment for the disabled.  It appears this year the disabled will not be receiving the same support they have been.  NHK cited the recent bout-fixing scandal as the reasoning why they decided to cancel.

   Not to be outdone, Fuji Terebi has also decided to cancel the 35th annual Ozumo Single-Elimination Tournament.  The event was scheduled for Sunday, 6 February at the Kokugikan.  The event made headlines last year when it was Goeido who won the tournament, and raised weakly-grounded speculation of his promotion to Ozeki in the near future.

   Yours truly, Virgil Valentine, had a ticket to each of the above events, as I’ll be in Tokyo for two weeks.  There’s nothing to look forward to now for my fortnight in that cesspool of an urban sprawl.

   Is anyone really shocked that bout-fixing exists in sumo?  Really?  I mean, has no one seen a Kaio bout in the last few basho?  There’s your evidence right there.

One response to “NHK Pulls the Plug…on the Disabled

  1. You may be sure that of all the rikishi Kaio won’t be accused of bout fixing! He and his phoney records will be protected. Ugh..

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