Yaocho or Real!?™ Game

Sumo & Stogies would like to introduce a new game we’ve started playing as of late:

Yaocho or Real!?

The game plan is to post six bouts a week and have you the reader vote if you think it was a legitimate bout (Real) or a fixed match (Yaocho). We’ll post  new bouts on a weekly basis until sumo is brought back.  This first week we’ve decided to start with six bouts from 2009. These are all day 15 bouts randomly selected. So what do you think? Yaocho or Real!? Vote Below!

Hatsu Basho 2009 Hakuho v. Asashoryu

Osaka Basho 2009 Harumafuji v. Kaio

Natsu Basho 2009 Baruto v. Chiyotaikai

Nagoya Basho 2009 Hakuho v. Asashoryu

Aki Basho 2009 Kaio v. Kotomitsuki

Kyushu 2009 Kaio v. Kotomitsuki

What do you guys think? Please feel free to discuss your thoughts below in the comments.

Team S & S

3 responses to “Yaocho or Real!?™ Game

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  2. I didn’t know that Harry got a Shoe in the face that knocked out his 2 front teeth!

  3. It appears the last two bouts were voted the most likely to be Yaocho. Kaio (and fans), what say you?

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