Committee Slams Kiyoseumi, some quotes

The committee appointed by the JSA, citing evidence from recorded bouts and cell phone text messages, have announced that they consider Kiyoseumi guilty of yaocho even though he has not admitted it.  They were quoted as saying “it is clear he was involved in the selling of bouts.” Well Kiyo… nice knowin’ ya, at least you aren’t in Takadagawa-beya.

Takadagawa Oyakata was quoted as saying “I hope they just get it over with and cut their bellies open and die” in reference to the offending rikishi.  He then went on to address the issue of the younger lower rank rikishi saying that when “I think about their situation, it makes me cry.”

Homasho put down the cigar box and tomahawk long enough to be quoted as saying: “It’s sad.  Especially for all the people in Osaka…”.  Of course they’d interview Homey, he has a decent reputation for being a clean fighter who doesn’t sell or buy bouts, which is obvious in his records.

Wakanosato stated that “so many people are really trying honestly, so this whole thing is really regrettable.”

Notoriously-slightly-less-congenial-than-a-cardboard-box ozeki Kotooshu said on his way to keiko at the Sadogatake-beya “I’m going to practice, so I’ll be ready when the bashos resume.”

Hopefully rebounding Ozeki Harumafuji admitted that he “wants to work his best to regain the trust and feelings of the people that have supported him.”

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