Ristrictions on Rikishi… Ridiculous

Thanks to a poster on sumoforum.net we have a full translation of the rules set forth for all rikishi and oyakata for the current situation.

1. For the time being (until such a time as approved by the Kyokai), all keiko must be done in your own heya however you can still go out for a de-geiko.
2. For the time being (until such a time as approved by the Kyokai), all jungyo events should not be held.
3. Visits to senior citizens home and facilities are encouraged as long as such a visit is done within sole initiative and confine of each individual heya and participated by a small number of rikishi (but a prior notice must be received by the Kyokai’s PR department).
4. Volunteering and charitable activities are encouraged and should be pursued by every member.
5. Request for appearances and lectures should be carefully judged on its merits and should be only accepted if they remain within the limit of self restraint mode.
6. The Kyokai’s manual, “Code of Conduct for Kyokai Members” should be thoroughly read and be re-read by every member.
7. Acceptance to wedding, funeral and other social gatherings should be considered carefully and to be limited.
8. All parties and receptions as well as engagement and lecture activities sponsored by heya should be either curtailed or canceled.
9. Cooperate fully to all investigating efforts conducted by Special Investigating Committee.
10. Maintain a healthy living lifestyle by watching your health and by not overindulging.
11. Ensure to remind yourself, “we will stand tall and straight more than ever now by re-appraising ourselves of who we really should be. And we will proceed ahead by walking towards the new path for new generation”.
12. Each heya must set its own curfew time every night to be observed by every single rikishi.
13. Whenever you need to visit a facility outside of the Nihon Sumo Kyokai, your own home, hospital/clinics, you must receive a prior permission and approval from the heya shisho.
14. Always remind yourself that “I am under the watchful eye of others, every conduct of mine is being judged by them”, and act accordingly and responsibly.
15. Persevere every single day, remembering the time you started training for sumo for the first time.
16. Not only in your own neighborhood but also everywhere, whenever you are greeted, greet back simply and sincerely.
17. Act responsibly by following rules with integrity.

Some of these rules seem to contradict not only themselves, but other rules on the list.  Some are arbitrary and kind of ridiculous, and some are just common sense.  However it seems to me that these rules, with the exception of canceling of events, seem to be no different from the standard rules the JSA.  So will these rules accomplish anything at all except to further punish the fans?  In my opinion, no… they are BS.

One response to “Ristrictions on Rikishi… Ridiculous

  1. I was in Ryogoku Saturday night. Walking down the street, I ran into Goeido and Okinoumi wearing track-suits. Okinoumi was talking on an unconfiscated cell phone. Life as normal, it seemed.

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