Takenawa: Snitch, or Team Player?

The Mainichi Shinbun may or may not have gotten one hell of a scoop.  Reports have been surfacing that in his interview with the investigation panel that Takenawa-oyakata (former Kasuganishiki) squealed like a stuck pig, giving the names of 40 rikishi that participated in yaocho.  He went further to say that a current sanyaku rikishi offered him 800,000 yen to throw a match.  It was rumored that he said something to the effect of “it was not just us, why should we be the only ones punished?”

Takenawa refused to speak with the press, however Kasugano-oyakata told the reporters “Takenawa completely denied saying any of that”.  When questioned the JSA said that “We have no such reports from the independent committee.”  Either Mainichi has got a bum source, or Takenawa is trying to keep from dying in the same hospital, on the same day, and from the same mysterious disease as Wakanoho.  More on this as it develops.

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